Computer Vision Architect

As a Computer Vision Architect at 3VR, you will apply your deep expertise in signal processing to our patented and award-winning technology.

3VR is the world leader in video intelligence. Our technology harvests critical, actionable data from video so that our customers can protect and expand their businesses. Today, video is the fastest growing source of unstructured data, yet most of the value lies dormant without a person to watch it. 3VR changes that. We have established ourselves as the most innovative player in video intelligence. Now, we are expanding into new markets by converting unstructured video into true business intelligence. Discovering and implementing truly compelling video analytics is critical to making that goal a reality. Our team is looking for a proven technology leader to execute on that goal, and that is where you fit in.

As a Computer Vision Architect at 3VR, you will apply your deep expertise in signal processing to our patented and award-winning technology. We have a phenomenal team working in an open, collaborative environment that is delivering the promised value of big data extracted from video.

3VR has the support of some very smart people that are known to put their money where their mouth is. We are privately funded by top tier VC's (see and even some government organizations that typically act in secrecy, so we are not supposed to openly talk about them.

Performance Objectives

Here's what you'll do when you join the 3VR team:

  • New Analytics: Expand our analytics suite by developing innovative solutions to real customer problems. Do not be afraid to take us into unchartered waters. Bring your ideas and make those real, whether it involves repurposing existing algorithms or inventing new ones.
  • Existing Analytics: Extend our industry-leading analytics by taking 3VR into new areas such as 3-D algorithms and combining the outputs of multiple algorithms to create increasingly powerful searching and matching tools.
  • Ease of Use: Simplify the configuration and calibration process required to install and tune analytics. Our customers should be able to maximize the benefits of our technology with minimal effort.
  • Technology Leadership:: We are built on innovation – that is what makes us successful. We expect our technical leaders to act as visionaries and maintain a high level of technical expertise. To do that, you must stay abreast of new developments in video signal processing and integrate the best ideas into 3VR products. Better yet, invent them yourself! We have built a portfolio of patents that we are very proud of. Innovation is what drives our success - help us push the needle further.
  • Partnerships: Collaborate with our partners in industry and academia to facilitate the creation of novel solutions and build the ecosystem around our platform.
  • Team Leader: Drive the team to deliver more than they ever thought they could by providing expert knowledge, mentoring, and leadership. We want someone who not only understands how the system currently works, but also envisions how it should work. Share that vision with the team, and empower them to make it a reality.
  • You + 3VR = Infinity: 3VR is an open platform which can consume any video, integrate any computer vision program/algorithm, and host any application that supports any usage case that anyone can imagine. We are expanding our capabilities to run on any platform (not just our own), so that 3VR remains the preferred choice for everyone when it comes to anything that has to do with video. Our deployment options include on-premise license software, a diverse series of appliances, and a hosted cloud service. The possibilities of what the 3VR platform can do and what you can do for it is open ended! You are not just another engineer when you join 3VR. You + 3VR equal endless possibilities!
  • Wildcard: Anything else that is needed to make 3VR into a wildly successful company.


For us, qualifications are whatever enables you to meet and exceed your performance objectives. Here are some thoughts on what you, the perfect candidate to knock this opportunity out of the park, have probably worked on, played around with, or even just contemplated in your spare time (to be honest, this section also helps us with SEO):

  • You have a passion for algorithms. You follow trends in the industry and peruse various signal processing journals. You have probably authored or contributed to academic papers, and ideally filed patents. As a result, you are innately familiar with a wide array of video processing methods including motion detection, segmentation, object tracking and recognition, contour analysis, background subtraction, and the list goes on from there.
  • You appreciate why designing the algorithm itself is only part of delivering a real solution. There are myriad reasons for this: the test data never quite covers what you will actually experience in the field, there are often considerations related to bandwidth, processing power, or something else that constrain what you can do, and the calibration and configuration steps must not require the end user to have a Ph.D. to successfully execute. But, these are challenges you relish.
  • You have solid programming experience. 3VR develops primarily in C/C++/C# and .Net. If you have some experience in these languages, great, but the goal is that you can convince us that you understand algorithm optimization issues, compose elegant code based on OOP principles, and incorporate best practices for scalability – after all, this is a tremendous amount of data we are talking about.
  • On that note, there is buzz everywhere about big data – well, when it comes to big data, it does not get much bigger than video, and it is largely untapped. 3VR is in the perfect position to change that. If you envision solutions to these challenges, then you will find the opportunities here to try those ideas out. Oh, and we have audio data as well.


  • 3VR utilizes Scrum for our development methodology, and you will be a key member of the scrum team that is focused on VMS and appliances.
  • At 3VR, we put a great deal of emphasis on collaboration and maintaining an open working environment - having great coworkers is one of the biggest determinants for enjoying your work, and we take our enjoyment of work very seriously.
  • Your opinions matter. We are driven by technology and innovation, and we look to the smartest, most passionate people on the team as the source of ideas.

Cover Letter

If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you have been looking for, then we need your resume. Also, send us a cover letter to give us a sense of why you think you are absolutely the right person for this job. Tell us how and why you are going to meet and exceed the objectives above, and then we will tell you how we can meet and exceed your goals for a great place to work.

The Rest

  • 3VR provides a very competitive salary and benefit package including medical, dental, vision and 401(k).
  • 3VR is committed to Equal Opportunity Employment.

About 3VR

Based in San Francisco, CA, 3VR provides video business intelligence solutions for real-time security and customer insights enabling organizations to protect employees, customers and assets as well as improve store operations and shopping experiences. 3VR products include hybrid network video recorders, video management and investigation software, comprehensive dashboards and reports and a robust suite of video analytics and APIs. 3VR is one of the fastest growing US-based private companies and is the standard for hundreds of global customers in Financial Services, Retail, Government, Critical Infrastructure and Hospitality.

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