QuickClip: Case Management

If you are conducting a video investigation, Case Management makes it easier to store multiple pieces of associated video evidence, notes, and supporting documents in a case and easily share the case file. 3VR’s VisionPoint VMS video management software includes a built-in case management function, which allows you to manage evidence within a centralized interface. In the above video, I walk you through how you can effortlessly store suspect information and associated videos in an easy-to-manage file using 3VR’s Case Management. Also, learn how you can share case details and supporting evidence with management or law enforcement in one convenient file.

3VR’s New Line of Hybrid NVRs is Everything You Need. In A Box.

New 3VR Hybrid NVRs

With the increased use of megapixel cameras and video analytics over the past couple years, there has been a greater need for more powerful network video recorders (NVRs). Luckily, the technology on the recorder side has been able to keep pace. This allows us to offer more powerful NVRs than ever before, but at lower price points and with a wider range of solutions to meet every customer need. And, with many users migrating from analog to IP, we made sure that with each new series of hardware, there would be full support for analog and IP cameras on the same recorder.

New 5000-series Hybrid NVRs: Performance, Reliability, Scalability in One Security System

5000-Series NVRs & Hybrid DVRs

Having a solid video security system involves, among other things, making sure you have complete coverage and "pixels on target." To achieve 40 pixels per foot in a field of view, which is the minimum excepted measure needed to reliably recognize a person’s face in recorded video and crucial for video analytics, one must either install megapixel cameras or a lot of NTSC/PAL/VGA-quality cameras. Both scenarios require a great deal of power and a whole lot of storage to reach 40-pixel-per-foot "pixels on target." Some camera manufactures recommend as high as 80 pixels per foot for video forensics and identification, pushing the demands of the system even higher. Consequently, when designing a video security system, not only do you aim for pixels on target, you also want to make sure there are no gaps in coverage by having cameras gently overlap their field of view whenever possible.

QuickClip: License Plate Recognition Analytic

License plate recognition (LPR), or as it is known outside of North America, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), is most noted for its use in toll gates and toll roads. A car drives past a camera, which captures the license plate number on video, and an LPR analytic uses some form of optical character recognition (OCR) to grab the license plate number and store it as text data. The license plate number is then stored in a database or is immediately sent to a billing system. This system looks up the registered owner of the car and sends them a bill in the mail for a toll violation or charges their account for the toll in an electric toll collection (ETC) system.

3VR Adds ADAM 6050 Plug-in to Family of Products

ADAM 6050 plug-in

3VR is invested in delivering products that provide greater value and enhanced performance to our customers. In addition to our newly released VisionPointTM VMS (Video Management Software), 3VR recently added the ADAM 6050 device and plug-in to its product line up.

Making interfacing to the real world easier, the ADAM plug-in is a network data acquisition and control module that allows expansion of alarm and auxiliary capabilities to your 3VR appliance or VMS software. 3VR will display images and video associated with input events generated by your devices through the ADAM 6050.

QuickClip: Advanced Object Tracking Analytic

Most DVRs, NVRs, and VMS use basic motion detection to send alerts or to create an event that makes it easier to search for a suspect in low-traffic areas. 3VR’s Advanced Object Tracking analytic takes motion detection to the next level. In this video, as part of 3VR’s QuickClip series, we show you how you can use the analytic with forensic search to find the color and direction of a suspect car. The analytic can also be used to search by size, shape, and speed and can also be set up as an alert. This makes it easier to find a suspect or, in the case of the video above, a suspect car. Basic motion detection on a busy street is impractical, so a search must be done manually, meaning, the alternative is to search through hours and hours of video. In the QuickClip video above, a busy street is no problem for 3VR's Advanced Object Tracking analytic when trying to find a suspect car in a matter of minutes.

QuickClip: Award-winning Demographics Analytic for Retail

Security Sales & Integration Top 30

If you haven’t seen the latest issue of Security Sales & Integration, you might not have heard that 3VR’s Demographics Analytic was one of the Top 30 Technology Innovations Awards 2012.

New Video Series from 3VR | QuickClip: Forensic Search Using Motion

This month, we are kicking off a new video series named QuickClips to demonstrate specific features and functionality of 3VR’s video security products. Each video focuses on a specific feature or function in 3 minutes or less.

This first QuickClip focuses on 3VR’s Forensic Search feature using Motion in Region. The video was created to demonstrate how to use this feature and the benefits of Forensic Search when trying to find a suspect, versus the common method of fast forwarding and rewinding through video.