3VR Updates Integration With Software House’s C•CURE 9000 Access Control System

CCURE 9000 Integration We’ve all done it before. Scan a badge next to a door, there’s a beep and a green light, and you’re in. Access control systems have been a key component to the physical security industry for some time now. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

There’s a lot of data being generated by these systems, and here at 3VR, we wanted to make that data useful and accessible, and have the video to match it!

We are proud to announce our updated integration with Software House and its C•CURE 9000 security product. C•CURE 9000 is not just an access control system, it’s a complete security and event management solution. Now you can use C•CURE 9000 and 3VR Visionpoint™ VMS video management software together in harmony.

CCURE 9000 Integration 3VR provides a two-way integration solution with C•CURE 9000. This means added features in the 3VR client software as well as directly within the C•CURE 9000 software. You can now add a 3VR server to C•CURE’s video tab, and view both live and stored video directly from C•CURE’s Monitor or Administration Workstation. The 3VR server component on the C•CURE Server has the ability to listen for motion and alert events, which can then trigger any one of C•CURE 9000’s wide-array events. Since 3VR alerts are highly configurable for all event types (including analytics), there are many potential use cases.

Within Administration Workstation, you can map doors to 3VR cameras. This will allow C•CURE 9000 to send badge data to the 3VR server every time somebody uses the door. From 3VR’s OpCenter interface, you can monitor the badge scan in an event card, complete with that person’s name, ID number and badge photo. You can then use 3VR search to query events based on any of the associated metadata.

Finding video every time a particular badgeholder enters through a door is just a few clicks away.

Our integration with C•CURE utilizes 3VR’s SOAP-based web API. Our API allows us to define generic event types and their associated metadata elements, and then create and update events in real time. Thanks to our Generic Event API via SOAP, there’s a wide range of potential integrations with 3VR systems. The API allows for rich features such as real time text overlays and binary metadata fields which can greatly enhance and customize the 3VR end-user experience.

CCURE 9000 IntegrationLearn more about the 3VR-C•CURE 9000 Access Control integration here.

Want to build a custom integration? Contact sales@3VR.com or call us at 877- 387-6061 and we will work with you to make it happen.