3VR’s New Mobile App Allows You to View Video, Search Faces

Video Management Software Mobile App People spend a whole lot of time on their phones these days. One study notes that a whopping 79% of people aged 18-44 have their phones with them for all of 22 hours a day. Another suggests that smartphone users spend more time looking at their phones than with their partners.

As we use our phones to interact with the world around us more and more, we are seeing a convergence of technology toward smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Those whose daily responsibilities include monitoring video surveillance are increasingly taking advantage of this trend and they demand mobile technology to perform different aspects of their jobs.

Why sit at a monitoring station tied to a physical location when you can take that station with you in the form of an app on your smartphone?

New! VisionPoint Software Enterprise Server: Health Management & One-Click Interface for Enterprise Security

VisionPoint VMS

We are currently working with a large restaurant chain to upgrade more than 100 locations running 3VR video security systems to the latest version of our VisionPoint™ VMS 7.2.2. The Enterprise Server is one of the pieces of the security software the chain has deployed.

We recently launched our VisionPoint video management software-only solution, which includes our Enterprise Server. The solution enables our users to install the enterprise security software on their own hardware. This is a great option for those customers that have a large network/server deployment and an existing relationship with a server hardware vendor. The appliance version of the Enterprise Server remains available for customers who prefer to use a plug-and-play solution that does not require software installation and hardware requisition.