3VR Develops Affordable Security Solutions for Carolinas HealthCare System

Carolinas HealthCare System


When evaluating security solutions, one of the biggest challenges is building confidence in the integrity of the video surveillance system. You want to be able to trust that the system will not fail and that the data will be there when you need it. Carolinas Healthcare System (CHS) had over 125 DVRs and 2,600 cameras in over 900 facilities, but no diagnostic or video health check capabilities to monitor the availability or condition of video security assets. Unfortunately, poor video quality, hard drive failures and individual camera failures were routinely discovered when data were needed most to aid security investigators.


In 2008, CHS replaced their outdated DVRs with the 3VR P-Series HVRs. These units were compatible with existing analog cameras, while allowing for migration to IP megapixel camera technology. The 3VR Enterprise Server allowed centralized management, health check reporting and remote configuration of remote sites. New 3VR VisionPoint™ VMS upgraded system capabilities, while new 4000 and 5000-Series NVRs added new horsepower and scalability to economically meet CHS’s growth plans.


The results of the overhaul allowed CHS to deliver on its “Patients First” culture. Using one technology served two purposes: video surveillance and intrusion alarm functionality through video motion detection. The IT and security teams were able to review video 8 times faster without significant lag or choppiness during investigations. With intuitive case management tools, overall investigation time was reduced by 40%. "By replacing their legacy DVRs with hybrid NVRs that support both analog and IP megapixel cameras as well as running VisionPoint VMS, CHS no longer has to question their security systems' reliability. Forensic capabilities are no longer impaired by poor video quality and camera failures. 3VR delivered on CHS's KPI of 'measured availability' by 99%," said Jim Underwood, SVP of Worldwide Sales at 3VR.


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