• 3VR Video Makes the Grade with Banks

    At ISC West this year we had the opportunity to speak with a number of 3VR customers and integrators around their experience with our solution and how 3VR technology is affecting the way they do business.

    In this first video, we speak with Charlie Coleman, a VP at United Alarm, about his implementation of 3VR at a US bank with upwards of 20 locations. He speaks specifically to the quality of the video and how it allowed security personnel to solve a bank robbery more quickly than they ever thought possible.

    Check it out!

  • Vector Security Joins 3VR Channel Partner Network

    Exciting news today -- we announced that Vector Security, one of the electronic security industry's leading experts in retail loss prevention, has joined the 3VR channel partner network. Check out the full press release here.

    As Michael T. Grady, Executive Vice President at Vector Security, was quoted:

    “3VR is a unique fit for Vector and the retail market at large. 3VR provides a complete platform of surveillance technologies that greatly increases the value we bring to our customers. We are already in pilot with several retailers. Together with 3VR, we hope to continue this progress and expand our ability to help retailers prevent fraud and address the industry’s growing need for intelligent video management.”

  • Introduction to the 3VR Blog

    Hello and welcome to the new 3VR company blog – as we continue to grow and offer new levels of innovation, we hope that this space will provide a unique outlet for further discussion of company news and happenings.

    You can expect to hear from 3VR employees, customers, industry analysts and others who play vital roles in the video surveillance industry. We're planning to incorporate a number of interesting features – including videos, Q&A's, case studies, and thought leadership, in addition to sharing some useful tips and tricks for any business looking to improve its security infrastructure.

    We've got a lot of big news coming down the pipeline for 2009, so be sure to watch this space for regular posts on the ongoing intelligent video conversation. For more insight into industry news, you can also check out 3VR Founder and Chairman Steve Russell's blog, In Hard Focus.