• It’s about Customers: Why positive stories help the whole industry

    Today’s security twittersphere has been active over a recently released report from Security Systems News Editor Sam Pfeifle entitled Facial Recognition: Does it work? (available in full to SSN’s premium readership).

    Some of Pfeifle’s report (if we can be so bold as to paraphrase) centers around some emerging use cases for facial recognition analytics – two specifically from 3VR customers Redner’s Markets and Hilton America (see related stories on both Redner’s and Hilton here).

  • Lessons from Complex Installations

    A New York Times article this week highlights the issues surrounding New York City’s problems with its vast camera system. In the wake of 9/11, New York is a city that has relied on and supported its ever-expanding influx of surveillance cameras. It is difficult not to notice the cameras placed at nearly every street corner in an effort to help police gather evidence to catch criminals, and investigate crimes and possible acts of terrorism. But there is a significant problem plaguing a specific area of the system, the subway. The New York Times reported that nearly half of the subway system’s 4,313 security cameras that have been installed are not working properly.

    The article specifically pointed out that the surveillance system today, “remains a patchwork of lifeless cameras, unequipped stations and problem-plagued wiring.