• Arecont Vision® Names 3VR “Northwestern Technology Partner of the Year” for 2015

    We are pleased to announce that 3VR has been selected as Arecont Vision’s “Northwestern Technology Partner of the Year” for 2015.

    Arecont Vision is a leading provider of megapixel cameras for the security and surveillance industry, and 3VR has worked diligently to ensure that Arecont Vision’s current and new camera products are supported by our video management system, VisionPoint™ VMS. This ensures that we can run our industry-leading video analytics and search technologies on any video feed from an Arecont Vision IP camera.

    “3VR earned this award for their ongoing innovation in video management software, industry leading analytics, and the close partnership we have with them at all levels including executive, marketing, engineering, and field sales”, says John Keltner, Northwest Director of Sales, Arecont Vision. “3VR has focused on ease of setup and integrating key features in the Arecont Vision products making the total solution of 3VR and Arecont Vision a power tool for Fortune 500 companies.”

    Thank you Arecont Vision!

  • Making Sense of Shopping Data

    Using Brand Awareness and Trend Data to Generate Insights into Customer Behaviors

    Almost all of us have stores we go to regularly, and stores we do our best to avoid. But what makes the difference between stores we love, and stores we love to hate? Is it simply the selection of merchandise? Is it the availability of staff, or the hours the store is open? The answer probably does not come down to a single data point, but rather a variety of factors that influence our shopping behavior and loyalty to certain retailers.