3VR CrimeDex Partners with the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal

3VR CrimeDex, an online community of fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals has partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP). LEEP’s over 60,000 registered users in law enforcement, intelligence groups, and criminal justice can now share, search and collaborate on information within the CrimeDex network in order to prevent and prosecute criminals involved in fraud, shoplifting, and organized retail crime.

3VR CrimeDex is a unique collaboration of private sector investigators from banks, credit unions, retailers, insurance companies, and telecommunications providers sharing information with public sector federal, state, and local law enforcement investigators. CrimeDex allows members to share video and images of criminal activity captured by surveillance systems such as 3VR’s VisionPoint™ Video Management Software (VMS) with public and private entities nationwide, and receive regional alerts on criminal activity. CrimeDex is primarily focused on economic crimes like credit card fraud, ATM skimming, check fraud, and organized retail theft. CrimeDex consists of an email alerts system and an online database of crime information and alerts library. CrimeDex has over 11,000 members consisting of 50% law enforcement and 50% private sector investigators. 3VR thru CrimeDex also supports webinars created by the IAFCI.org at no cost to law enforcement members.

Across the nation, law enforcement officers collaborate to share not only information and investigative intelligence, but also the common goal of combating terrorism and other criminal activity. Unfortunately, the budgetary limitations of smaller law enforcement agencies can often limit their ability to procure and maintain technical and physical resources. LEEP gives such agencies access to over 22 different, relevant, and fresh resources services at no cost. All content is available in one location, which is accessible at home, at the office, or even in the patrol car.

LEEP can provide departments with the information to attain the upper hand against criminal activity within local communities by using multiple resources in one portal free of charge to the law enforcement agency. These resources provide invaluable training tools and intelligence from local, state, tribal and federal sources across the country. 3VR CrimeDex is pleased to support law enforcement efforts by facilitating collaboration on criminal data.