New 5000-series Hybrid NVRs: Performance, Reliability, Scalability in One Security System

5000-Series NVRs & Hybrid DVRs

Having a solid video security system involves, among other things, making sure you have complete coverage and "pixels on target." To achieve 40 pixels per foot in a field of view, which is the minimum excepted measure needed to reliably recognize a person’s face in recorded video and crucial for video analytics, one must either install megapixel cameras or a lot of NTSC/PAL/VGA-quality cameras. Both scenarios require a great deal of power and a whole lot of storage to reach 40-pixel-per-foot "pixels on target." Some camera manufactures recommend as high as 80 pixels per foot for video forensics and identification, pushing the demands of the system even higher. Consequently, when designing a video security system, not only do you aim for pixels on target, you also want to make sure there are no gaps in coverage by having cameras gently overlap their field of view whenever possible.

More Horsepower For Higher Camera Counts

With the above in mind, we at 3VR have developed our most powerful hybrid network video recorders (NVRs) to date. Last week, we released our 5000-series hardware, with optimized support for 3VR’s VisionPoint™ VMS Pro video management software, which is included with each 5000-series recorder. These rack-mountable powerful new hybrid NVRs can support up to 128 cameras and up to 16TB of storage in a 2U space. They are also scalable down to 16 cameras and 1TB of storage, meaning you can start small and add cameras and storage as needed. All 3VR NVRs have field-upgradeable storage.

Video Analytics Dwell Time

Added Power = Ability to Add More Analytics Than Ever Before

3VR’s integrated video analytics enable users to add various search criteria for 3VR’s forensic search capabilities. Get alerts when a perimeter has been breached or a person has been loitering where they shouldn’t be. Gain business intelligence – using 3VR reporting capabilities to help understand a business better with traffic counting, identifying age and gender, and how long customers dwell in front of an end cap. And if you have a POS, Access Control, Teller, ATM, or other data system connected to a 3VR system, you can run search criteria against transaction numbers, account numbers, employee numbers, and other data, then marry it with facial surveillance and other 3VR analytics in one search string to find suspects fast.

With the 5000-series, get the following benefits on one powerful integrated video surveillance system:

  • Connect a large number of cameras
  • Run analytics for loss prevention and perimeter protection, and investigative forensic search
  • Gain business intelligence with reporting capabilities combined with third-party integration into POS, ATM, Teller, Access Control, and other data systems.
  • If you have multiple sites, 3VR’s enterprise server software can connect all of your 5000-series recorders together.

To learn more about the 5000-series, visit the new product page.

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