CrimeDex 2.0 Leads the Pack in Crimefighting

We've had this one in the oven for quite some time and are very happy to announce the release of CrimeDex 2.0 -- incorporating several new and exciting features, including a collaborative group interface, video and image support, and complete integration capabilities with the award-winning 3VR surveillance platform.

We're also excited to announce that MVFCN and CFCIA will be two of the first law enforcement associations to transition from CrimeDex 1.0 to the 2.0 beta this month!

This latest version showcases CrimeDex's unique search capabilities, featuring a comprehensive Web-driven database of complete profiles of more than 14,000 criminal suspects. This allows security personnel of our 1,000+ member agencies to expedite investigations while securely sharing critical information to solve and prevent crime.

Additionally, the service now includes group collaboration capabilities presented in a simple user interface through which users can create member groups, share relevant information, distribute group email alerts and interact via their own portal. The latest CrimeDex release also fully integrates with 3VR’s suite of
SmartRecorder intelligent video management platforms.

For more information on CrimeDex 2.0, check out our full press release
here. We'll also be hosting several Webinar introductions -- stay tuned for more details.