Facial Recognition: Post Sci-fi

Captain KirkIn movies, television and books we get to envision the future of technology without limitation. What’s incredible is that many sci-fi dream devices have actually come into being. Remember the Star Trek communicator? It gave Captain Kirk the ability to communicate wherever he had service. It even had a flip antenna. Sound familiar? Now technology has boldly gone even farther than where Star Trek creators went before and we are seeing amazing advancements in all realms of technology.

Facial recognition technology is no different than other sci-fi inventions; starting as a piece of fiction and emerging as a proven and effective technology years later. It is one of the many new video analytics changing the way we think about security and privacy and opening our minds to new solutions and innovations. When optimized correctly, facial recognition can deliver incredible results – but many in the security industry know that it is not necessarily what we have seen on television.

For instance, a disappointment that many users have encountered is not being recognized by the technology due to environmental factors. Reliability is paramount in the security industry and changes in lighting and image quality are realities that can hinder facial recognition. What many people who are frustrated with these issues don’t realize is that they can strategize to improve their security surveillance system for facial recognition. At 3VR, for instance, we offer our users detailed resources on how to accomplish these particular kinds of security goals.

Another concern for users that gets a lot of publicity is receiving false positives. What isn’t always considered is the amount of false positives you get while searching on Google. It’s understood when searching on Google that false positives will occur, but you’ve already saved time by narrowing down the information that you have to search through. This is very similar to how 3VR’s facial recognition and patented search technology works, this is what we call video intelligence and this how we intend to transform surveillance technology today.

Facial recognition technology is still very new in the business, financial services and retail industries. Its advancements in the last decade have been incredible and we are seeing it put to use in new ways every day. It’s both a preventative and crime-solving technology that can drastically change the way we approach security.

To help customers with improving the deployments and use of the technology we have put together this Facial Surveillance Cheat Sheet. Also, we encourage you to download this whitepaper on Intelligent Search and Surveillance for Financial Institutions. Although it is written for banks, the concepts of using transactions and video intelligence analytics like Facial Surveillance, License Plate Recognition, Advanced Object Tracking are applicable.