Four Essential Security Blogs


In no particular order, here are four must-read security blogs that take an independent angle to current industry information, trends and updates.

Salted Hash – A go-to for IT security news and analysis, authored by Bill Brenner, managing editor of CSOonline and CSO magazine. Brenner takes an almost zealous investigative approach to shedding light on anything from Android hackers to identity theft and more.

Security Paradigms – Upfront and to the point, Steven Fox, Security Architecture & Engineering Advisor for the US Dept. of the Treasury and blog author, delivers applicable information and commentary on security industry hot topics across both cyber and physical security realms.

The CCTV Blog– Tips, trademark secrets and technical advice, The CCTV Blog is authored by a collaborative team of security and surveillance experts who aim to keep readers up-to-date on the latest in security innovation.

Schneier on Security - Authored by security guru, Bruce Schneier, Schneier on Security is informational, analytical and thought provoking.