If you build it, they will come . . . or will they?

Customers now often enter a store with specific products in mind and demand an efficient experience. How can retailers adapt merchandising strategies to take advantage of this new shopping dynamic?

Creating a storefront that entices shoppers

The exterior of a store is the primary tool to attract customers inside. Window displays market your products to shoppers and convey your brand image to potential customers. Keeping exterior areas fresh with new merchandise, clean and uncluttered is essential to increasing store traffic. But what percentage of potential shoppers are converting to traffic inside the store?

Dwell time analytics like those included in 3VR’s VisionPoint Dashboard can measure the number of customers spending time in front of a store, as well as where and how long they are spending time, to help determine whether certain promotions or displays are succeeding in drawing them inside . The dashboard provides store management accurate intelligence in real-time, in an easily accessible, cloud-based format to inform strategic merchandising and marketing decisions.

Retailers are also turning to digital signage including lifestyle and aspiration videos to encourage more shoppers to go inside. Millennial customers have high expectations so retailers need to continuously reinvent and evolve the shopping experience. Data from dwell analytics can provide feedback as to which images and videos are successful in increasing traffic. By tracking traffic patterns, marketing executives can also determine how digital signage may be enticing shoppers into the store, as well as whether specific marketing messaging is affecting dwell time.

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