Industry Talk: Integrating Physical and Cyber Security

Silo’d security teams responding to physical and IT security events can now be a thing of the past with recent advancements in security technology making integration a possibility. Cisco On Security recently posted a blog discussing how integrating physical and cyber security platforms can improve the efficiency of an organization’s security operations and we at 3VR couldn’t agree more.

3VR shares Cisco’s vision of an integrated cyber security and physical security platform that can provide video intelligence. 3VR offers an open platform with software developer kits (SDKs) and APIs that make building the bridge between cyber and physical security easy and cost effective - a critical aspect to achieving this vision.

Here’s the 4-1-1:

1. 3VR’s system supports both IP and analog cameras in order to reduce barriers to integration.

Upgrading every analog camera at the same time as integrating an existing system into IT would just be needlessly expensive. IP Cameras provide organizations great image quality and the ability to cover wider areas with fewer cameras. With our hybrid approach, 3VR gives customers a graceful and lower cost of entry to integration by supporting both analog and IP cameras.

2. The 3VR supported plug-in’s available for access control, ATM & teller, and point of sale, etc.

Video intelligence powers search and speed when responding to security events, like illegal access, policy compliance for tailgating, and fraud reduction, for example. 3VR provides out of the box plugins for leading security systems that provide access control, alarm or central panels, point of sale and other business and security systems. As a result, organizations can combine video and events together which provide security teams a much better response and investigation tool. The supported software plugins provides faster deployment and lowers the total cost of ownership.

3. The open platform with APIs allow for data integration with alarm panels, central panels and corporate PSIM systems.

Cybercriminals today use very sophisticated tactics to steal identity and corporate data. They may employ tactics to penetrate the physical location and then deploy a skimming solution at point of sale stations or via a USB drive left on a counter for employees to deliver a malware payload. Having video evidence that can be searched quickly and correlated to physical security systems can enhance the investigative response of the security team.

Video integration with physical security incident management (PSIM) systems can provide better response mechanisms. Imagine how much more effective your physical security team can be to respond to an illegal access event by using facial surveillance to search for all places that a person has entered your building within the last hour. Combining video with event and incident data can mean the difference between responding to a false alarm vs. nabbing a potential perpetrator.

Additionally, combing video with alarm panel events can not only help you respond to physical events more efficiently it can also help you reduce false alarms. One major cause of false alarms in retail are driven by vendors that are not trained properly. By integrating physical security with video intelligence you can reduce the cost of false alarms by working with vendors to improve their training and performance.

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