3VR’s New Mobile App Allows You to View Video, Search Faces

Video Management Software Mobile App People spend a whole lot of time on their phones these days. One study notes that a whopping 79% of people aged 18-44 have their phones with them for all of 22 hours a day. Another suggests that smartphone users spend more time looking at their phones than with their partners.

As we use our phones to interact with the world around us more and more, we are seeing a convergence of technology toward smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Those whose daily responsibilities include monitoring video surveillance are increasingly taking advantage of this trend and they demand mobile technology to perform different aspects of their jobs.

Why sit at a monitoring station tied to a physical location when you can take that station with you in the form of an app on your smartphone?

VisionPoint Mobile 2.0 – Find Your Evidence. Anytime, Anywhere

3VR has recently launched our VisionPoint™ mobile app to satisfy the demand for users who want to take 3VR with them wherever they go. Allowing users to review both live and stored video on the go gives them more flexibility and provides added security by allowing for additional monitoring. Being able to access 3VR on their smartphones adds a layer of protection for themselves and the people and assets they are protecting by increasing awareness of what is happening, where it is happening, and how they should respond at all times. Mobile connectivity to the 3VR infrastructure also extends the reach of that surveillance video from traditional security guards and store managers to other parties – business owners, store auditors, retail operations managers, and others.

VisionPoint Mobile Video View

Free on iTunes for iOS Users

You can download the VisionPoint Mobile 2.0 app free from iTunes and the App Store. The app enables 3VR’s award-winning Facial Surveillance analytic, where a user can take a photo or upload an existing photo through the app and send it to his 3VR system to search the database and find similar faces. The result of this search is a series of event cards showing similar faces that can be reviewed and played back through the mobile interface.

Here are some other features:

  • The ability to review stored video in full-screen and to watch live video from up to 5 cameras at a time.
  • Users can create and edit camera views through the app or on the 3VR system using our traditional client applications on a remote PC or on the system itself.

For those that don’t have an iOS device (and for those that do), all of the functionality of our mobile app is also available through a mobile web browser, optimized for the smaller screens of smartphones.

3VR VisionPoint VMS, including the latest mobile app, is changing the way people use surveillance video technology, making it more effective, more highly available, and easier to use than ever. Learn more about VisionPoint Mobile here.

VisionPoint Mobile appDownload the VisionPoint Mobile 2.0 FREE in the iTunes App Store now!