10 Ways to Climb a Sales Mountain | Lesson #9: Reaching IT is THE Summit

Our series with Paul Boucherle, principal at Matterhorn Consulting LLC., aka the Swiss Sherpa, continues here with part 9! Paul will be providing lessons to help system integrators climb their sales mountains. If you missed Lesson #8: Contingency Management Planning When Climbing, you can read it here.

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Paul Boucherle Sales Mountain Lesson 9

Lesson #9: Reaching IT is THE Summit

Last month, we explored some basic contingency planning as you approach the final 1000’ to the top of your convergence sales mountain. We framed this in terms of video management software context. I left out one vital element to your success… the wise (IT) Sherpa (guide) who can guide the final push to the top. You better bring the right chara (gift) to gain his attention and support, or risk falling off the mountain.

IT Sherpas can guide your ascent up the mountain by providing a route through the complexities of the IT infrastructure they live with everyday. Your chara is a system solution that does not add more weight to their pack. More weight in their pack at that altitude is something they will resist at all costs. So how do you lighten their pack for the last 1000’ of your climb?

You lighten the pack by providing them with a video management system pack that doesn’t burden them with unnecessary processes and extra work. VMS systems that perform like standard IT processes and protocols allow them to function at peak efficiency. The solution “pack” must allow them the flexibility of implementing virtualization tools they are climbing toward. Why is this important to them?

Standardized network, storage and processing allow them to manage video data sources like other IT assets.

Configuration and updates of software versions from an enterprise-level provide a greater quality of service (QoS) across their network. It also allows IT to optimize bandwidth, reserve resources and video storage more effectively, resulting in higher availability of hungry quality bandwidth data.

Finally, standardization of video assets around IT standards allows IT to quickly recover from hardware failures by remotely configuring replacement hardware. If you provide the right equipment and software that your Sherpa is familiar with managing, you will have gained a guide to your convergence sales summit. Ask your IT Sherpa to try out your solution “pack” before you finish your climb!

Make sure to reach your video convergence sales summit by enlisting the support and guidance of your IT Sherpa.

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