10 Ways to Climb a Sales Mountain | Lesson #10: Bring the Entire Team to the Summit and Back

Our series with Paul Boucherle, principal at Matterhorn Consulting LLC., aka the Swiss Sherpa, continues here with part 10! Paul will be providing lessons to help system integrators climb their sales mountains. If you missed Lesson #9: Reaching IT is THE Summit, you can read it here.

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Paul Boucherle Sales Mountain Lesson 10

Lesson #10: Bring the Entire Team to the Summit and Back

You have guided the climbing (selling) strategy to reach the convergence summit while standing and looking at the beautiful view of the future business landscape in front of you and your IT Sherpa partners. What’s left to do?

Bring the rest of your team to the summit to enjoy the view! The security team, the line business operations team, the facilities team, and definitely the senior management team need to see the view from the summit.

Won’t a picture do?

No. They must be part of the summit experience to ensure that they enthusiastically support a safe descent down the mountain to base camp where the business of convergence will get done. Most climbing accidents happen on the descent phase of a climb. A key reason is that the physical exertion of climbing upward may not leave enough mental acuity and strength to get back down safely. The “rush” of climbing your sales mountain should not blind you to your responsibility of using the right tools and strategies of getting back down the mountain!

So, what are these tools and strategies?

If we use the retail vertical market as an example, it may include:

  • Bringing new tools that can do more for less and much faster
  • Packing tools that all your climbers can use (IT, Security and store operations) to support their individual climbing efforts
  • Using tools that are lighter and faster than your competition’s so you can climb faster
  • Having field-proven product strategies in place to make the sales summit with your customer to ensure you get the entire stakeholder to the top with you
  • Never underestimating the tactical value of manufacturer field experience with your hardware products and software solutions
  • Making sure your product/solution supplier takes a methodical approach to safely descend the mountain with you and your customer with well-thought-out “pilot” programs

There are always challenges that must be overcome during the descent phase to ensure that the team cheering at the summit with you is just as enthusiastic at the base camp when it comes time to take your business success journey safely “home.” Evaluating the customer metrics of retail shopping trends and loss prevention security data analysis done from a centralized company perspective is a powerful strategy. Doing this efficiently and cost-effectively across an existing IT network with the right tools is crucial for success. A misstep in this implementation phase could be fatal!

Climbing sales summits can be exhilarating as well as risky. When you climb Mt. Convergence in retail or any other vertical market, remember the lessons imparted from your Sherpa Paul Boucherle.

P.S. Take the right tools, strategies and climbing partners with you to the top!

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