A Security Camera Thief is Caught by the Stolen Security Camera

Read no further, the story here is in the title, a thief, in Bakersfield, California was caught by a hospital security camera as he was stealing the camera. The surveillance camera was able to capture a full picture of the man’s face as he stole the camera to take home for his own use.

The local police officers are attributing this crime to a crime wave in the area of thieves stealing cameras to install in their own homes. According to the local police detective, Scott Miller, many criminals will use security cameras in their homes in order to receive advance warning should the police show up at their house.

The Bakersfield police haven’t been able to identify the thief yet, but the authorities have gone public with the photo (Huffington Post, 2012).

In a situation such as this one, having surveillance cameras that are optimized for facial recognition would enable the local law enforcement and loss prevention professionals at the hospital to search across their entire camera network and find any instances that this individual was captured on camera. Criminals often steal from areas that they have become familiar with and it is likely that this particular thief knew which camera to steal and what the most opportune time to take it would be.

Another crucial tool that loss prevention can have in their tool-belt is a network, like CrimeDex, where loss prevention professionals and law enforcement alike, can collaborate and post alerts of pictures, incidents and suspects.

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