Shoppers More Open to Giving Out Personal Info

With the growing amount of discussion on video analytics being used in retail settings to increase insight into customer behavior, a recent survey has shown that shoppers don’t necessarily mind sharing information if the ultimate gain is a better, more tailored shopping experience for them.

A survey conducted recently by IBM revealed that shoppers are in fact willing to give personal information to retailers. More than 28,000 people in 15 countries were surveyed and showed that more personalized marketing and an efficient shopping experience were easy tradeoffs for giving up a little personal information.

As IBM discovered, the benefit of sharing information with retail stores doesn’t have to be a monetary benefit for shoppers. Three quarters of people surveyed were willing to give information on their media usage, like TV shows they watch, and 59% gave out lifestyle information including details such as car ownership, whether they have recently moved or had a child. 73% of shoppers were comfortable giving out demographic information, like ethnicity and 61% were okay with disclosing their names and addresses (Reuters, 2012).

Another important insight that the survey has shown is that shoppers are interested in being contacted by retailers through social media, preferable to email, and even better would be to reach out to shoppers in the store. There are a variety of different ways that retail stores can collect consumer data and put it to immediate use and video analytics are one of those solutions. Imagine what you achieve if you could recognize a loyal customer as they walked in your store and could reach out to them as they were shopping with customized promotions or discounts.

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