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In the past few months we have discussed the topic of credit card skimming quite frequently. Last month we got Up Close & Personal with Organized Skimming Attacks, in November we listed the 5 Best Practices for Banks & Credit Unions to Halt Skimming, and in September we covered how the FBI is now getting involved in the FBI Tackles ATM Skimming & Cybercrimes.

Credit card skimming is an important issue to stay informed on and one important tool that security professionals, law enforcement and citizens can use is social media. Those who are familiar with Twitter, the social networking site, may know about the hashtag symbol (#) frequently employed by Twitter users to mark a keywords or topics. At 3VR we post articles almost every week to Twitter that cover new incidents of card skimming, new ways criminals are using card skimming and what companies are doing to protect the information of their customers. Recently we’ve begun to hashtag these posts as #skimming and in doing so we have joined the online skimming conversation, updates and education.

Companies and individuals can join in this conversation too and they should. Financial and retail organizations alike are vulnerable to both outsider and insider fraud using card skimming devices. In a recent article from Bank Info Security, card skimming expert and fraud consultant, Jerry Silva, stated in response to an incident of a teenage employee getting caught for using a skimming device to steal customer credit and debit card information, that "Even if we protect the ATMs and POS devices, insider fraud like this will take place due to the ease with which criminals can get their hands on the appropriate devices (Bank Info Security, 2012).

And aside from the few college students posting about “skimming” their reading assignments, the hashtag is the best way to keep up with the information currently trending on credit card skimming.

When you come across articles, updates and new information on skimming post it to Twitter with #skimming next to it and join the conversation!