The XLVI Super Bowl Security Breakdown

Superbowl XLVI logoOn February 5th this year, thousands of fans will be flocking to the XLVI Super Bowl at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis where the Giants will face the Patriots. What many fans don’t know, and may not even notice during the festivities, is that more than 80 security cameras will be present throughout downtown Indianapolis for the event, as well as four helicopters, numerous police officers with hand-held video devices, a special truck designed to scan for explosive, biological or radioactive threats and more than 100 undercover city and state police officers.

The surveillance network of cameras that have been added to downtown will be linked to the pre-existing network of cameras installed around the Indiana War Memorial. In the past, Indianapolis has used grants to fund their security incentives, such as surveillance cameras, and the newer cameras that have been added for the Super Bowl were purchased through the Urban Area Security Department of Homeland Security. . The video footage will be monitored around the clock by Indianapolis police and homeland security, who will be able to use laptops to access any of the cameras on the network remotely.

The FBI will also be present to keep a close watch on intelligence, with about 250 FBI agents and employees working through the Super Bowl in case a terrorist group decides to take advantage of such a large national event (ESPN, 2012). The actively monitored video surveillance network that is being employed by Indianapolis has been spotlighted this year as a noninvasive form or security that officials believe to be both effective and preventative. Stadium and surrounding area security is paramount during such enormous celebrations that, though fun, can at times be volatile due to the large amounts of people, strong team associations and increased alcohol intake.

We wish everyone a fun and safe Super Bowl this year!