10 Ways to Climb a Sales Mountain | Lesson #9: Reaching IT is THE Summit

Paul Boucherle Sales Mountain Lesson 9

Lesson #9: Reaching IT is THE Summit

Last month, we explored some basic contingency planning as you approach the final 1000’ to the top of your convergence sales mountain. We framed this in terms of video management software context. I left out one vital element to your success… the wise (IT) Sherpa (guide) who can guide the final push to the top. You better bring the right chara (gift) to gain his attention and support, or risk falling off the mountain.

My First Tradeshow: ASIS 2013

3VR Booth

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

7:00am, Central Time: My alarm goes off. I’m still not used to the time zone change, so knowing that it’s only 5am back home in the Bay Area is a groan-inducing thought. Get up, get ready, and make a final sweep of the room to make sure I’m not forgetting anything important. Show badge, thumb drives, media kits, and phone in hand, I head out.

8:00am: Catch the shuttle over to McCormick Place and arrive around 8:30. The expo hall has completely changed overnight; the red carpet is down, pallets are out-of-sight, and all the booths look polished. As a tradeshow newbie, I had no idea what to expect when I arrived in Chicago at the beginning of the week. Seeing all the elaborate booths and vendors makes me realize just how big the security industry is.


ASIS 2013

3VR is excited to be going to the Windy City in a few weeks for ASIS 2013! With big-name keynote speakers, a bevy of security products to see and demo, and the prospect of famous Chicago deep-dish pizza, this year’s show promises to be a good one.

10 Ways to Climb a Sales Mountain | Lesson #8: Contingency Management Planning When Climbing

Paul Boucherle Sales Mountain Lesson 8' style=

Lesson #8: Contingency Management Planning When Climbing

Last month, we talked about how conditions change quickly when you approach the management summit. It is about anticipating what could go wrong and what you will do about it. You must ask yourself and your climbing team to dialogue the right questions before you take the next step up the mountain. Not having answers when managers at the summit ask questions is a great way to fall down the mountain. That is yodeling you are hearing and the echo of the voice of experience.

3VR’s New Line of Hybrid NVRs is Everything You Need. In A Box.

New 3VR Hybrid NVRs

With the increased use of megapixel cameras and video analytics over the past couple years, there has been a greater need for more powerful network video recorders (NVRs). Luckily, the technology on the recorder side has been able to keep pace. This allows us to offer more powerful NVRs than ever before, but at lower price points and with a wider range of solutions to meet every customer need. And, with many users migrating from analog to IP, we made sure that with each new series of hardware, there would be full support for analog and IP cameras on the same recorder.

ID Theft Fraudster Undone by Technology, Teamwork and Timing

Credit Card Fraud

Love stories based on crime, suspense and action? Here’s a true story based on one of our customers. Stung with a $5,000 credit card fraud, Harborstone Credit Union set out to find the suspect with an expansive investigation that involved an online social network of fraud and law enforcement professionals. And not only did Harborstone catch the thief, the investigation led to evidence for a multi-state Fed case involving a million-dollar national ID theft ring. Hooked? Read how Harborstone (using 3VR crime-fighting technology) caught the thief in record time.

3VR’s New Mobile App Allows You to View Video, Search Faces

Video Management Software Mobile App People spend a whole lot of time on their phones these days. One study notes that a whopping 79% of people aged 18-44 have their phones with them for all of 22 hours a day. Another suggests that smartphone users spend more time looking at their phones than with their partners.

As we use our phones to interact with the world around us more and more, we are seeing a convergence of technology toward smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Those whose daily responsibilities include monitoring video surveillance are increasingly taking advantage of this trend and they demand mobile technology to perform different aspects of their jobs.

Why sit at a monitoring station tied to a physical location when you can take that station with you in the form of an app on your smartphone?

10 Ways to Climb a Sales Mountain | Lesson #7: What to expect on the way to the Summit

Our series with Paul Boucherle, principal at Matterhorn Consulting LLC., aka the Swiss Sherpa, continues here with part 7! Paul will be providing lessons to help system integrators climb their sales mountains. If you missed Lesson #6: Planning Your Summit Assault, you can read it here.

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Paul Boucherle Lesson 7

Lesson #7:What to expect on the way to the Summit

Conditions change quickly when you start your trek to the summit. The climb gets more strenuous, there is less room for error and there is less oxygen (funding) available near the top. Management that lives at the summit think, act and talk differently and have different perceptions of time.

New 5000-series Hybrid NVRs: Performance, Reliability, Scalability in One Security System

5000-Series NVRs & Hybrid DVRs

Having a solid video security system involves, among other things, making sure you have complete coverage and "pixels on target." To achieve 40 pixels per foot in a field of view, which is the minimum excepted measure needed to reliably recognize a person’s face in recorded video and crucial for video analytics, one must either install megapixel cameras or a lot of NTSC/PAL/VGA-quality cameras. Both scenarios require a great deal of power and a whole lot of storage to reach 40-pixel-per-foot "pixels on target." Some camera manufactures recommend as high as 80 pixels per foot for video forensics and identification, pushing the demands of the system even higher. Consequently, when designing a video security system, not only do you aim for pixels on target, you also want to make sure there are no gaps in coverage by having cameras gently overlap their field of view whenever possible.

3VR Updates Integration With Software House’s C•CURE 9000 Access Control System

CCURE 9000 Integration We’ve all done it before. Scan a badge next to a door, there’s a beep and a green light, and you’re in. Access control systems have been a key component to the physical security industry for some time now. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

There’s a lot of data being generated by these systems, and here at 3VR, we wanted to make that data useful and accessible, and have the video to match it!

We are proud to announce our updated integration with Software House and its C•CURE 9000 security product. C•CURE 9000 is not just an access control system, it’s a complete security and event management solution. Now you can use C•CURE 9000 and 3VR Visionpoint™ VMS video management software together in harmony.