If you build it, they will come . . . or will they?

Customers now often enter a store with specific products in mind and demand an efficient experience. How can retailers adapt merchandising strategies to take advantage of this new shopping dynamic?

Creating a storefront that entices shoppers

The exterior of a store is the primary tool to attract customers inside. Window displays market your products to shoppers and convey your brand image to potential customers. Keeping exterior areas fresh with new merchandise, clean and uncluttered is essential to increasing store traffic. But what percentage of potential shoppers are converting to traffic inside the store?

Arecont Vision® Names 3VR “Northwestern Technology Partner of the Year” for 2015

We are pleased to announce that 3VR has been selected as Arecont Vision’s “Northwestern Technology Partner of the Year” for 2015.

Arecont Vision is a leading provider of megapixel cameras for the security and surveillance industry, and 3VR has worked diligently to ensure that Arecont Vision’s current and new camera products are supported by our video management system, VisionPoint™ VMS. This ensures that we can run our industry-leading video analytics and search technologies on any video feed from an Arecont Vision IP camera.

“3VR earned this award for their ongoing innovation in video management software, industry leading analytics, and the close partnership we have with them at all levels including executive, marketing, engineering, and field sales”, says John Keltner, Northwest Director of Sales, Arecont Vision. “3VR has focused on ease of setup and integrating key features in the Arecont Vision products making the total solution of 3VR and Arecont Vision a power tool for Fortune 500 companies.”

Thank you Arecont Vision!

Making Sense of Shopping Data

Using Brand Awareness and Trend Data to Generate Insights into Customer Behaviors

Almost all of us have stores we go to regularly, and stores we do our best to avoid. But what makes the difference between stores we love, and stores we love to hate? Is it simply the selection of merchandise? Is it the availability of staff, or the hours the store is open? The answer probably does not come down to a single data point, but rather a variety of factors that influence our shopping behavior and loyalty to certain retailers.

Think Like a Shopper

In order to provide a better experience, retailers need to think and act like their Web- and social-media savvy customers, even when it comes to the in-store experience. A recent presentation given by Hughes at NRF’s BIG Show indicated that at least 20 percent of in-store sales are influenced by online behavior. That number is continuing to rise, partly due to the millennial generation. A full 82 percent of millennial shoppers research products online prior to purchase.


We are happy to announce that 3VR has partnered with manufacturer representative firms Warren Associates and Wave Representatives.

Warren Associates is the exclusive manufacturer’s representative for 3VR in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Central and Northern California, Nevada (Reno area), Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. The company is a full-service manufacturer’s representative organization, providing customer service, technical support and field sales expertise.

CrimeDex / 3VR wins IAFCI Award

We would like to congratulate Jim “Gator” Hudson and our CrimeDex team for winning the President’s Award from the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI).  The award recognizes the important role Gator and 3VR play in the fight against fraud and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and other financial crimes.  The award was presented at the 2015 IAFCI annual conference in Minneapolis. 

Video is now the fastest growing type of data in the world.

Mobile device usage and cloud services will drive big data

Video is now the fastest growing type of data in the world. According to Cisco's recent Visual Networking Index Report, “It would take an individual over 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2019. Every second, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the network by 2019.”

A recent Gartner report seems to agree. It says that “People and organizations are inundated by video, from surveillance images to media content and home videos.”

ATM skimming a growing threat

ATM Skimming A Growing Threat


- The Wall Street Journal - Theft of Debit-Card Data From ATMs Soars
- Insider Fox News - ATM Debit Card Data Theft Soars to the Highest Rate in Two Decades

"Debit-card compromises at ATMs located on bank property jumped 174% from Jan. 1 to April 9, compared with the same period last year, while successful attacks at nonbank machines soared by 317%, according to FICO."

The articles mention criminals using a "long-established technique" to commit these crimes since many ATMs are not equipped with the latest technology. Check out, http://dev.3vr.com/industrysolutions/financialservices.

Happy Holidays from 3VR!


To Our Friends,

From all of us at 3VR, we'd like to thank you for your continued support. Wishing you good cheer this holiday season and a happy and joyous New Year!

Get Ahead in Security Integration: What You Need (Part 4)

Customers from different sectors have security requirements unique to their industry. 3VR has proven success in high-value deployments in industries ranging from retail, finance, hospitality, law enforcement and more. Leverage 3VR's existing integrations with a wide network of technology partners in Point-of Sale, Access Control and Alarm, ATM & Teller and more platforms to deliver more powerful, vertical-specific video surveillance solutions for a broad spectrum of customers.