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Chico's"Within the first inventory period, 90 percent of our CCTV installations go from being in the highest shrink store category to at or below chain average...We have saved millions in bottom line profit, taken our high shrink locations down to or below chain average, and achieved ROI on all of the systems installed in six to 10 months. We couldn't be more pleased with the results."

Leo Doran, Vice President of Loss Prevention

Commonwealth Partners"Being able to move back and forth between times and dates seamlessly made it a lot easier than the previous system I was working with at another building. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to use [the 3VR system], which is a testament to how user-friendly it is."

Ryan Jackson, Security Site Supervisor
560 Mission

Elk Grove PD"3VR brought video into the I.T. world. I always encourage other municipalities' I.T. management to look at several solutions side by side to evaluate them for their own needs. 3VR was an easy choice for me."

Chris Hill, I.T. Manager
Elk Grove, California Police Department

BlueVault"It provides peace of mind to know we have [video intelligence] capabilities built into the system. As things happen, as events take place, it makes the job of looking for information much more efficient."

Dario Santana, Security Consultant

Hilton Americas"I have been in hotel security since 1990 and never seen anything that is able to do the things 3VR technology does. It is light years ahead of the DVR we previously had installed, we are getting over 90 percent accuracy for facial recognition. Not only is it immensely valuable from a security standpoint, but it has also empowered us to take hotel customer service to the next level."

John Alan Moore, Director of Security and Life
The Hilton Hotel

T-Mobile"The more groups inside T-Mobile that get value out of [3VR], the lower the return-on-investment threshold is for each group involved."

Joe Davis, Senior Manager, Loss Prevention

T-MobileWatch a video testimonial from T-Mobile.

Union Savings Bank”We can now locate video footage of individual transactions, do cross searches and search video by account or transaction type. The integration of 3VR with our Cleartouch teller system enables us to easily surface the face of a perpetrator when we know a fraudulent transaction has taken place... We've seen a reduction in our fraud of roughly 80% year-over-year from 2008 to 2009."

Bill McNamara, Senior V.P. of Technology & Security | Union Savings Bank

Union Savings BankWatch a video testimonial from Union Savings Bank.

Evansville Regional Airport"It was by far the most technologically advanced and feature-rich solution that we had seen, and was priced competitively to fit within our budget."

Gene Olson, Assistant Airport Manager
Evansville Regional Airport


Denali Alaskan Credit Union"The system [saves] me the time I spent on viewing videos that I can use for other duties. [On the several occasions when I needed to provide evidence to law enforcement authorities], I already had it on disc to hand over to the FBI or whoever needed it.”

Kirby Milham, Security Director
Denali Alaskan Credit Union


Washington State Employee's Credit Union"3VR enables our investigators to be more efficient by reducing investigation time and enabling them to respond quickly to requests for surveillance film. Previously, when an event occurred, we’d have to wait for the download of images to complete before we could conduct our searches. Now, we can conduct real time search using specific criteria to find the relevant information recorded by our video surveillance system in just minutes.”

Melissa Wolff, AVP Loss Prevention & Compliance
Washington State Employee's Credit Union

Members 1st Credit Union"The 3VR solution purported to do a lot of innovative things that other products had promised but ultimately failed to do. Being able to search video quickly and get sharp, clear images that we can turn directly over to law enforcement as evidence is a huge advantage. Video with a clear face shot is valuable evidence. The ability to then tie that face to a car and license plate number simply seals the deal."

Chip McBreen, Assistant Vice President for Fraud and Security Services
Members 1st Credit Union

Fauquier Bank"I wanted a system we could grow with. The system already has analytics built in with facial recognition and other opportunities, and I know as a security administrator that we can grow into the system versus the company wishing the system could do this or that for us."

Josh Brown, Director of Security
Fauquier Bank


Carolinas Healthcare System "Video is a critical tool that allows us to keep our patients, staff and medical resources safe and secure. Prior to 3VR, if a crime occurred, we would need to have investigators manually watch hours and hours of video. With 3VR, we can quickly and easily search for and find incriminating video, reducing our investigation times by up to 40% and allowing us to investigate cases that we never had the bandwidth to pursue."

Scott Buff, Manager of Investigations and Training
Carolinas Healthcare System



Chico's FAS | Integrator: Protection 1

Chico's FASLike many retailers, Chico's FAS faced challenges with employee theft and shoplifting. Chico's needed a solution that would help them speed up investigations, investigate potential theft and conduct store audits. Chico's replaced some of their existing CCTV systems with 3VR S-Series Hybrid NVRs. After successful testing, Chico's installed more than 500 3VR systems the following year. The results of the 3VR system deployment allowed Chico's to reduce total investigation times from a week to as little as 20 minutes. The company was able to conduct more timely investigations and saw a staggering reduction in employee-related shrink.

24 Hour Fitness | Integrator: Tyco Integrated Security (formerly ADT)

24-Hour FitnessWhen 24 Hour Fitness decided its one-size-fits-all DVR could not perform the tough workout demanded by its security team, Director of Loss Prevention Owen Shackleton decided to move to a scalable video intelligence platform that could help solve fraud and improve operational efficiencies. Learn how 3VR helped 24 Hour Fitness implement a security solution quickly across a geographically distributed enterprise, reduce investigation times, solve fraud and shrinkage problems quickly with integrations to external data systems.

Canadian Tire | Integrator: Loss Prevention Services Limited

Canadian Tire case studyOne of Canada’s most shopped general merchandise retailers serving over 180 million annually, Canadian Tire wanted to implement a video surveillance system that would enable stores to better address organized retail crime (ORC) and improve day-to-day management. After deploying a 3VR P-Series with Facial Surveillance and License Plate Recognition video analytics, the company’s Toronto store now conducts investigations 100% faster, deters ORC with alerts and case management, secures valuable inventory lock up, and maintains safety and service procedures in the service station.



Harborstone Credit Union | Integrator: Cook Security Group

Harborstone Credit Union case studyWith limited staff and poor quality video that was difficult to search without watching in real time, Harborstone needed a video solution that would reduce investigation times, solve crimes and ensure accurate tracking of time for all DVRs across the enterprise. In less than 2 months, Harborstone fully deployed branches with 3VR’s P-Series Enterprise Server to manage cameras across 12 locations. Read how the credit union dropped single incident investigation times to 10 minutes, solved $5,000 fraud investigation within 2 days and greatly improve video quality without purchasing new cameras.

Union Savings Bank | Integrator: United Alarm of Brookfield, CT

Union Savings case studyCombined with a desire to implement “future-proof” technology and a need to replace older systems, Union Savings searched for a solution that would speed up the investigation process and enable the bank to capture more forensic evidence of higher quality. Read how 3VR helped Union Savings achieve superior video quality, reduce investigation times through its search capabilities and license plate recognition, improve safety with remote monitoring, and quickly link transaction and video data through its award-winning FiServ ClearTouch integration.

Members 1st | Integrator: Gilbertson Group, Coatesville, PA

Members First case studyMembers 1st previously relied on VCRs for video collection and storage, but this limited set-up was not useful in mitigating growing security threats. Initially, the credit union purchased PC-based DVRs, but they began failing after 2 years. After putting the 3VR solution through a rigorous test, Members 1st finally deployed the P-Series and Enterprise Appliance with built-in Facial Surveillance and License Plate Recognition analytics to replace the failing DVRs. Read how 3VR helped Members 1st mitigate 92% of fraud, solve a $100,000 fraud case, and identify criminals before they strike a second time.

Denali Alaskan Credit Union | Integrator: Diebold

Denali Alaskan Credit Union case studyWith weekly investigation times reaching upwards of 16 hours, Denali Alaskan needed a solution where security staff could go to the exact block of time where an event occurred, and see the faces or event for which they were looking. The credit union has installed 3VR’s S-Series compact appliance at 4 branch locations and continue to deploy at all new branches as replacement for old equipment. Read how 3VR helped Denali Alaskan to halve video storage costs, reduce investigation times by 80%, cut night-time janitorial staff review times by 60% and semi- annual branch review times by up to 80%.

Washington State Employee's Credit Union | Integrator: Cook Security Group

Washington State Employee's Credit Union case study webinarWhen Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) was looking to upgrade its DVRs, they wanted a system that enables the loss prevention team to pull recorded video more efficiently. Learn how 3VR helped WSECU search video in seconds, easily export and share video, store video for longer periods of time, and efficiently manage events in case files. The 3VR system also runs analytics like facial recognition and license plate recognition, integrates with ATM and teller systems, and can be extended across an organization.



Parkway Corporation | Integrator: Vector Security

CommonWealth Partners case studyParkway had a basic security solution in place, relying essentially on cameras and VCRs that were recording activity in their facilities and storing video for 30 days. The video was used initially to count cars to ensure cars parked matched the number of tickets issued at the entry gate. Even with the video recording, employees still had to walk the facility each evening to manually record every car by color and license plate to prove which cars were left overnight and accurately charge customers who claimed to have lost their ticket.

CommonWealth Partners | Integrator: W. Bradley Electric (WBE)

CommonWealth Partners case studyManaging a commercial office and retail building that is 31 stories tall, two basement levels and has occupancy of approximately 2,000 people, CommonWealth decided to upgrade its existing security system. The company deployed a 3VR P-Series HVR, a platform that would easily integrate with its existing 28 cameras as well as any new IP and high-resolution cameras it might install later. Read how 3VR’s intuitive forensic search features allowed the security staff to figure out how to navigate the system in just minutes and secure video to identify a suspected thief.

Carolinas HealthCare System | Integrator: SAF Technologies

Carolinas Healthcare Systems (CHS) had over 125 DVRs and 2,600 cameras in over 900 facilities, but no diagnostic or video health check capabilities to monitor the availability or condition of video security assets. Unfortunately, poor video quality, hard drive failures and individual camera failures were routinely discovered when data were needed most to aid security investigators. In 2008, CHS replaced their outdated DVRs with the 3VR P-Series HVRs. New 3VR VisionPoint™ VMS upgraded system capabilities, while new 4000 and 5000-Series NVRs added new horsepower and scalability to economically meet CHS’s growth plans. Using one technology served two purposes: video surveillance and intrusion alarm functionality through video motion detection. The IT and security teams were able to review video 8 times faster without significant lag or choppiness during investigations. With intuitive case management tools, overall investigation time was reduced by 40%.

The Hilton Hotel | Integrator: Tyco Integrated Security (formerly ADT)

Hilton Americas video management system platform case studyHilton’s 130 surveillance cameras were previously tied into 8 DVRs. The system was able to record and store video data, but once stored, the security team could not effectively search the video to find footage they needed to investigate an incident. Read how 3VR’s intelligent surveillance and search platform helped Hilton improve investigation times by 75%, reduce time card fraud, recognize faces with 90% accuracy and make searching through hours of video a thing of the past.




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