Critical Infrastructure

3VR’s video surveillance solutions transform the investigative, protective and operational capabilities of infrastructure owners.

3VR's VisionPoint™ VMS allows owners and operators of critical infrastructure to:

  • Investigate and solve crimes faster and more efficiently
  • Proactively monitor physical environments and evaluate emerging threats
  • Deploy at scale
  • Save money by making operations and processes more efficient

Download the Critical Infrastructure Solutions Datasheet >>

Solve Crime Faster, With Fewer Resources

  • Dramatically reduce investigation times and solve more cases by making video instantly searchable, and by correlating it with other enterprise information 
  • Collect, store and index years of high-quality video
  • Track individuals and vehicles by integrating access control and time card systems with the industry’s most advanced facial and license plate recognition analytics
  • Collaborate with investigators from other businesses and law enforcement agencies using CrimeDex, an online community of fraud, loss prevention, and law enforcement professionals

Protect People and Assets

  • Monitor the perimeters of power stations, gas refineries and other facilities by integrating 3VR Video Analytics and alert capabilities with access control systems
  • Identify suspicious behavior with advanced 3VR Video Analytics and alert-based remote monitoring
  • Improve response times with remote monitoring and event-based alerts
  • Promote public-private collaboration to solve crimes using the CrimeDex crime-fighting network

Reduce Costs, Enhance Operations

  • Add a new level of understanding to planning processes and allocate resources more efficiently by integrating advanced 3VR Video Analytics with enterprise data systems
  • Enhance the value of existing camera infrastructure, including analog, IP, megapixel and smart camera systems
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