Financial Services

3VR transforms the way financial institutions investigate crime, protect against loss, achieve operational efficiencies and drive business growth.

Financial Services

3VR’s VisionPoint™ VMS allows financial services organizations to:

  • Solve crimes faster using fewer resources than is possible with traditional DVRs – a key advantage of 3VR’s patented search technology
  • Protect against fraud, check kiting, and card skimming using 3VR’s real-time monitoring, alerting, and investigative capabilities
  • Drive business growth by improving customer service and branch operations with 3VR Video Analytics

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Solve Investigations Faster, Use Resources More Efficiently

3VR's video management software is a generational leap in investigative technology for financial institutions:

  • Streamline investigations and build stronger cases by using 3VR’s case management application to quickly and easily retrieve and organize video, collaborate across multiple locations, and exchange data with law enforcement
  • Store video 15 times more efficiently than traditional DVRs, which translates to years of high-quality, instantly searchable evidence.
  • Solve drive-through, ATM and walk-up robberies by integrating facial and license plate recognition analytics with alarm systems to search for known suspects, accomplices, and their vehicles
  • Use visual intelligence to solve identity and check fraud incidents including check kiting, the passing of forged or counterfeit checks, and other forms of account fraud.
  • Collaborate with investigators from other institutions and law enforcement agencies using CrimeDex, an online community of fraud, loss prevention, and law enforcement professionals.

Protect Employees and Assets

With 3VR, financial institutions can transform their security operations to reduce losses and liability, and protect employees, customers and assets, in remarkable new ways:

Drive Business Growth

3VR's video management software provides unprecedented customer behavior insights that financial institutions can use to outperform their peers:

  • Increase competitiveness by using 3VR’s Facial Surveillance analytic to facilitate personalized customer greetings by employees
  • Maximize the success of displays and promotions with intelligent monitoring of customer traffic patterns, timing and volumes
  • Align staffing decisions with actual customer activity, using dwell and queue line analytics to decrease customer wait times
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