3VR revolutionizes how healthcare professionals solve cases, protect patients, and grow satisfaction.

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3VR’s VisionPoint™ VMS revolutionizes the way in which video is stored, managed, searched, analyzed, and correlated with access control, alarm panel, and other systems. 3VR transforms the capabilities of security teams and hospital staff in healthcare facilities by allowing them to:

  • Solve liability cases, fraud and identity theft faster with patented search technology that searches weeks of video in seconds
  • Protect patients, staff, and property from unauthorized access events, patient wandering and fraudulent insurance claims
  • Grow revenues by changing the way patient and staff interaction is observed, analyzed and precisely applied to operations, all while reducing hospital liability and delivering a higher level of care

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Solve Liability Cases, Fraud & Identity Theft

3VR's video management software protects facilities and staff, reduces losses and limits liability by adding a robust new layer of visual security to security infrastructure.

  • Rapidly investigate incidents and provide insights to hospital administration and law enforcement with high-quality video capture and video search
  • Reduce pharmacy, supply and asset loss
  • Deter patient identity theft and prevent erroneous claims with 3VR Facial Surveillance
  • Protect public health by monitoring practices in medical preparation environments
  • Solve fraudulent insurance claims in your parking garage by searching on license plate, color or size of the vehicle

Protect Patients, Staff and Assets

With 3VR, loss prevention and security professionals can quickly search years of stored video, and correlate visual intelligence with existing enterprise systems.

  • Protect infants with video integration with Infant Alerting and Abduction Systems
  • Protect against patient elopement with video that allows security staff to respond quickly and more effectively
  • Alert and rapidly respond when patients wander beyond an established area or through an exit and use video to find location quickly
  • Protect restricted areas and find unauthorized entrants to facilities faster with integrated video with access control systems to monitor people entering and exiting restricted areas
  • Protect your valuable assets with video integration with real-time asset tracking systems

Grow Patient Satisfaction

3VR allows healthcare facilities to improve patient care and overall satisfaction by revealing unprecedented new insights into staff behaviors and operational performance.

  • Optimize staffing decisions to decrease patient wait times with patented video analytics
  • Monitor waiting times of patients to meet service level goals
  • Improve patient service with integrating video with training programs for hospital staff
  • Improve staff retention programs by investing in video surveillance security to help keep them safe
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