3VR’s VisionPoint™ VMS provides hotels and casinos with a competitive edge by changing the way in which their video is stored, managed, searched, analyzed and correlated with other enterprise data.

With 3VR's video management software, hotels can:

  • Investigate and solve cases of fraud and theft faster and more efficiently
  • Reduce losses and liability by proactively protecting properties, customers and employees in unprecedented new ways
  • Increase revenues by transforming the way customer behavior is observed, analyzed and precisely applied to operations

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Solve Crime Faster and More Efficiently

With 3VR, loss prevention and security professionals can quickly search years of stored video, and correlate visual intelligence with existing enterprise systems to:

  • Cut investigation times in half and increase apprehensions
  • Solve incidents of employee time card fraud by integrating visual intelligence with access control systems
  • Secure bigger convictions by collecting evidence across multiple locations
  • Verify or invalidate customer complaints by integrating visual intelligence with POS and exception-based reporting (EBR) systems
  • Collaborate with investigators from other businesses and law enforcement agencies using CrimeDex

Protect Employees and Assets

3VR protects facilities and staff, reduces losses and limits liability by adding a robust new layer of visual security to security infrastructure:

  • Monitor suspects and suspicious behavior in real time
  • Monitor vehicle activity and identify wanted license plates on watch lists
  • Protect public health by monitoring practices in food preparation environments

Drive Business Growth

3VR allows hospitality companies to improve customer acquisition and loyalty by revealing unprecedented new insights into customer behaviors and operational performance:

  • Optimize staffing decisions to increase sales conversion rates and decrease customer wait times
  • Use visual intelligence to more effectively align merchandise placement with traffic flows
  • Maximize the success of displays and promotions with intelligent monitoring of customer traffic patterns, timing and volumes
  • Improve customer service with dwell and queue line analysis
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