Retail Loss Prevention

3VR provides intelligent loss prevention solutions that enable retailers to find video evidence faster, thereby reducing shrinkage and theft, and protecting customers, inventories, employees and assets.

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3VR’s VisionPoint™ VMS transforms the way video is stored, managed, searched, analyzed, and correlated with point-of-sale (POS), exception-based reporting (EBR), time card, and other systems. By adding an unprecedented visual dimension to retail businesses, 3VR allows customers to:

  • Solve more cases of theft, shrinkage, and fraud faster and more efficiently
  • Protect stores, inventory, and employees in extraordinary new ways
  • Grow revenues by transforming the way aggregate customer behavior is analyzed and reported, and enhancing operations and customer service

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Solve Retail Crime Faster and More Efficiently

With 3VR's video management software, loss prevention and security professionals can quickly search years of stored video, and correlate it with existing retail systems.

  • Solve organized retail crime (ORC) and returns desk fraud by easily searching across multiple locations and aggregating data with 3VR’s case management tools
  • Cut investigation times in half and increase apprehensions
  • Store and instantly search years of high-quality evidence with 3VR’s patented storage technologies
  • Stop internal theft and "sweethearting" by integrating visual intelligence with point-of-sale (POS) and exception-based reporting (EBR) systems
  • Collaborate with investigators from other businesses and law enforcement agencies using CrimeDex, an online community of fraud, loss prevention, and law enforcement professionals

Build Stronger Cases for Law Enforcement

  • Drag and drop video and forgery documents into a single case file with all relevant documents, images, and other investigation evidence with 3VR's case management.
  • Access the case folder from anywhere as a web page with all case information at your fingertips.

  • Protect Employees and Retail Assets

    3VR allows retailers to protect revenue and staff, reduce losses, and limit liability by enhancing their security operations.

    • Identify and stop ORC with advanced analytics, including Facial Surveillance and License Plate Recognition
    • Reduce internal theft with POS integration, exception-based video reports, and customer-not-present analytics
    • Protect your investment in video security with remote health checks, software updates and monitoring
    • Protect against high implementation costs with our hybrid appliances, which are easy to install, configure and maintain
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