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3VR's next generation video solutions provide real-time customer insights that enable retail operations executives to improve store operations and increase sales.

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3VR’s VisionPoint™ Dashboard offers a full suite of video intelligence solutions that give operations executives tral-time customer insights to understanding shopping traffic patterns, measure store trends, gauge employee effectiveness and ultimately increase conversions and overall sales.

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Drive Retail Sales Growth

3VR helps retailers increase revenues by giving them unprecedented insights into customer behavior and the performance of their retail operations.

  • Use video intelligence to align merchandise placement with traffic flows
  • Evaluate retail space performance across regions based on customer traffic patterns
  • Measure advertising and promotion effectiveness. Dwell Time analysis enables merchandisers to understand how long are shoppers are looking at displays and what their demographic profile is, to understand if advertising is reaching the intended target, and how this varies by store.

Streamline Store Operations

Adapt store layout and staffing to match traffic volumes and customer demographics. In-store traffic analysis shows the numbers of customers shopping in the store at any given time, as well as their demographic profile.

  • Improve sales and customer satisfaction. Queue Management allows store managers to monitor customer lines and cashier availability in real-time from any device to optimize staffing levels and reduce abandonment and increase customer satisfaction
  • All-in-one solution - 3VR is the only retail video intelligence solution that leverages the existing security and loss prevention camera systems and delivers customer insights with existing security video.

Optimize Queue Management

Reduce Wail Times, Increase P.O.S. Transactions.

Store managers can improve sales performance and customer satisfaction with 3VR's powerful Queue Management analysis. Monitor customer lines and cashier availability at registers through a simple notification, and dramatically reduce times. Additionally, managers can gain real-time insights with comparative metrics into peak activity for optimal staffing.

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