2100-Series ATM NVR from 3VR

September 3, 2015 | Coverage


3VR 2100-series ATM network video recorder

3VR's 2100-Series ATM NVR offers performance in a compact design ideal for ATM kiosks.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 17, 2015 – 3VR, the video intelligence company, today announced the launch of the 2100-series ATM network video recorder (NVR) for ATM installations, further enhancing the company's line of video security hardware.

Designed with financial institutions in mind, the 2100-series ATM NVR is a powerful recorder in a compact case. It measures 7.7"x7.7"x1.7" and has a 40°C operating temperature, making it ideal for kiosks and other small installations where space is a premium and high-heat can be an issue. Using an enterprise-class hard drive and low power, the 2100-series is a reliable solution that can be used as part of a large enterprise system or as a standalone ATM NVR.

The 2100-series supports four IP cameras, comes pre-loaded with VisionPoint™ VMS video management software, and offers seamless integration with point-of-sale, access control, ATM, teller, and other external systems.

"Financial services is an exciting market for 3VR," said Uma Welingkar, Senior Director of Product Management. "The 2100-Series ATM NVR is a great addition to a security workflow covering both in branch and now kiosks.”

When used in an enterprise environment, all 3VR recorders can communicate and share video, data, analytic reporting and cases, in addition to system and camera setup, and health monitoring. Video may also be viewed, managed and searched using 3VR’s Remote Client, VisionPoint™ Mobile, or locally using 3VR’s OpCenter. All models come with a 3-year software and hardware warranty.

About 3VR

Based in San Francisco, CA, 3VR provides video business intelligence solutions for real-time security and customer insights enabling organizations to protect employees, customers and assets as well as improve store operations and shopping experiences. 3VR products include hybrid network video recorders, video management and investigation software, comprehensive dashboards and reports and a robust suite of video analytics and APIs. 3VR is one of the fastest growing US-based private companies and is the standard for hundreds of global customers in Financial Services, Retail, Government, Critical Infrastructure and Hospitality. dev.3vr.com

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