Security Systems News: 3VR and Immix integrate capabilities

January 31, 2010 | Coverage

Security Systems News

Video search now easier for central stations

SAN FRANCISCO—Intelligent surveillance and search company 3VR on Jan. 19 announced an integration with SureView Systems’ video-centric automation platform Immix for video surveillance/CCTV, intrusion and fire alarms, access control and VoIP audio. Both parties feel the integration provides a powerful and valuable solution that enables central stations to maintain a much more complete view of security activities.

According to SureView EVP of sales Matt Krebs, 3VR and SureView are perfect for each other. “3VR is another strong player in the video integration portfolio,” Krebs said. “This really strengthens our reach into the video analytics world … We’re all about events and when you’re dealing with events and archiving of events, we move all that information into a pretty robust audit trail.”

According to the announcement, the integration enables security personnel to receive alerts from many disparate systems—like access control, alarm and other sensor systems—into Immix, which matches these signals to video footage from 3VR SmartRecorders, significantly reducing false alarms by allowing central station operators to more quickly distinguish real security threats from false ones and thereby reduce reaction time.

“Customers—and rightly so—are wanting better, and better-integrated, solutions. They got all these cool things that live in different silos inside their security infrastructure and they’re saying, ‘How do we tie these together and make them more valuable?’” said Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR. “Our secret sauce is that we index video to make it searchable and the key behind indexing is you have to have something to index it by—we do faces, objects, colors, direction, speed, size—to make it searchable by any imaginable format … What we’ve done with SureView is take their info—access control alerts, alarm inputs—and input it into the indexing portion of the videos. So now we have synchronized video with SureView’s events, too.”

Of the integration, Shipp said it was just one of many more to come and would make the dealer the winner at the end of the day. “There’s a value to the integrator who’s saying, ‘We like both of these products and, man, it would be neat if you guys could make them work together and it would simplify integration and let us deliver a more compelling solution.’”

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