3VR Hires New Reps in Canada

July 15, 2015 | Coverage

By Neal Sutton

3VR is committing more resources to Canada, resulting in what the company hopes will be a doubling of business here over the next year.  

Rick Spillane, 3VR's senior vice president of global sales, says the San Francisco, Calif.-based company, which specializes in video intelligence solutions, has expanded its presence in Canada by adding two new manufaturer's representative firms in the East and West.  SP Dynamic, based in Waterloo, Ont., will cover Canada from Manitoba to Newfoundland for 3VR.  Surrey, B.C.-based SVT Solutions will represent 3VR in the West.  The company has also augmented its channel strategy by working with distributor Synnex to help develop partnerships in Canada.

Spillane describes 3VR's approach to the market as two-tiered:  large, global or national customers that make up the bulk of its business; and small and medium-sized customers -- everything from schools to commercial buildings to "mom and pop" operations.

Spillane says 3VR should be able to leverage its expertise in retail and financial verticals to win more of that business in Canada.  "We would like to add some banking logos and also retail logos in the Canadian marketplace.  With 3VR being so strong in those two verticals from a product set standpoint, we feel like we're very well suited for some of the banks that are looking to upgrade their systems," he says.

He estimates that Canada currently accounts for approximately five per cent of its total global business, but expects that to increase at least twofold this year.

"We feel like that is probably going to happen," he says.

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