3VR integrates video management software with Quantum’s line of intelligent storage solutions

October 13, 2015 | Coverage

SAN FRANCISCO and ANAHEIM, CALIF. – Sept. 28, 2015 – 3VR, the video intelligence company, today announced that its video management software, VisionPoint™ VMS, is now integrated with Quantum’s (NYSE: QTM) portfolio of data storage solutions. This integration enables customers with robust video storage needs to run 3VR’s enterprise-level VMS on the data storage tier that best fits their needs, including on-premise and cloud-based options to achieve the ideal balance of performance, capacity and cost.

“The ability to give users a VMS product that can run on the Quantum scale-out storage platform of their choice expands our customer base and further establishes 3VR’s VMS as an open solution,” said Jeff Karnes, senior vice president of marketing and operations for 3VR. “In addition, our sales strategy enables both 3VR’s and Quantum’s channel partners to sell the complete end-to-end solution and actively share in sales leads.”

VisionPoint VMS’ integration with StorNext™ provides a single file system which enables video data to automatically move between 3VR’s VMS and the Quantum storage solution. Additionally, StorNext migrates the data to the most appropriate tier of storage based on performance attributes and retention policies defined by VisionPoint VMS. Regardless of whether the video is stored on premise or off-site – including the cloud – it is instantly and seamlessly searchable using 3VR’s user interface.

VisionPoint VMS combines video analytics, recording, case management and search functionalities into a single interface, eliminating the need for third-party interfaces common with other VMS configurations. In addition to traditional thumbnail and timeline searches, VisionPoint VMS is uniquely developed to search within video content using key criteria such as colors, license plate numbers, shapes, sizes, ages and genders. This enables playback from precise places of interest without spending valuable time looking for video using fast-forward and rewind.

“VisionPoint VMS’ strength in searching archived video feeds perfectly complements Quantum’s tiered storage architecture, particularly with our performance advantages and our heritage of managing video based data,” said Wayne Arvidson, vice president, video surveillance solutions, Quantum. “The combination delivers total capacity more affordably and offers an efficient approach to storing and accessing video archived in datacenters or in the cloud, and we’re engaged in a number of major projects utilizing this solution.”

Security Info Watch, October 5, 2015