Network Cameras Reviews: 3VR Security Named Finalist for Product of the Year 2006 in Access Control and Security Systems Magazine

December 5, 2006 | Coverage

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Company Represents the Only to offer Intelligent Video Management System and Leads the Searchable Security Market in the Magazine's 2006 Product of the Year Finalists

SAN FRANCISCO -December 6, 2006 - 3VR Security, Inc.,, the pioneer of searchable surveillance, today announced that it has been named a finalist Access Control and Security Systems magazine Product of the Year. 3VR joins leaders across the security sector and stands alone as the only searchable surveillance provider on the list. To view the full list, please visit

The most recent release of the 3VR searchable surveillance system, 3VR v5.0, began shipping in October of this year and represents the industry's first video surveillance platform to federate facial surveillance data enabling face watch lists, alerts, and searches across distributed systems. The product is widely adopted by banks and financial institutions as a key component in fighting fraud loss. Additionally, 3VR provides optimal video surveillance in the retail, government and hospitality industries. The product enables security professionals and building operators to do integrated searches of security data across 3rd party systems like transaction management, POS, and access control systems. It also features enterprise system health monitoring, expanded video input support, and smaller, quieter hardware.

"Security professionals have broad responsibility for assuring safety, preventing loss and conducting expedient investigations when a security event occurs and they need the tools to do this work efficiently," said Steve Russell, 3VR CEO. "Our unique approach to searchable surveillance is a breakthrough in the security sector, and represents a game-changing innovation. 3VR makes it possible to protect key assets and people, conduct investigations and prevent loss. We are pleased to be recognized by Access Control and Security Systems magazine as a finalist for 2006 Product of the Year."

3VR was selected from a field of thousands of security products introduced in 2006. The converged security products market is growing, and expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2008. The company recently announced a record quarter ending September 30, 2006, and has just closed a $15 million round of private equity financing, announced earlier this week. 3VR has been recognized for its leadership in this growing and important sector.

About 3VR Security, Inc.: 3VR Security, Inc. is the leading developer of intelligent video management systems (IVMS). Pioneering a new standard in video security, 3VR systems combine traditional video recording with powerful facial biometrics and analytics to make surveillance searchable. With 3VR, customers can now instantly search and program alerts for specific people, objects, and activity. These advances provide new ROI by intelligently using video to stop losses, speed investigations, and improve guard productivity. 3VR systems are simple to use and install and can scale up to thousands of cameras spanning across geographies.

3VR was recently named one of Always On 100 companies, Red Herring's Top 100 private technology companies, Security Product of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, and Product of the Year from the Security Industry Association in both the 2005 and 2006.

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