Government Video: 3VR Security Touts Latest ‘SmartRecorder’

October 12, 2010 | Coverage

Government VIDEO

3VR ServerClass 100 Now Supports Higher Camera Counts

3VR Security, Inc., a San Francisco based producer of surveillance and search hardware and software for the mining of video data, says its 3VR SmartRecorder ServerClass 100 now supports up to 64 internet protocol (IP) cameras or 32 megapixel cameras of searchable video on a single appliance. 

The ServerClass 100 supports not only higher camera counts, but also up to 20 terabytes of storage, that, when combined with 3VR SmartStorage technology, offers customers 15 times more efficient storage than typical digital video recorders (DVRs), says a written statement from 3VR Security. The ServerClass 100 meet the needs of cities, transportation and infrastructure security, as well as other large scale deployments in 3VR’s core markets like retail, financial services, hospitality and campus safety, reads the statement.

Traditional video management systems often require difficult and costly integration between the separate hardware, software and network resources, but 3VR integrates intelligent video software and hardware on a single appliance, said Steve Russell, 3VR’s founder and chairman. “3VR’s Intelligent VMS appliance enables integrators to easily and cost effectively meet the needs of more demanding customers, like retailers, critical infrastructure and cities,” he said, adding, “We’re taking away the cost and complexity without sacrificing power.”

Built on 3VR’s best-in-class intelligent surveillance and search technology, the ServerClass 100 offers an open platform, enabling users to integrate with third-party business systems like access control, transaction and point-of-sale systems, the company says. The ServerClass 100 also supports the entire suite of 3VR SmartAnalytics, including facial recognition and license plate recognition, to provide a meaningful way to structure and search stored video, the firm says. In addition, 3VR’s video search capabilities now enable users to search stored video in a “Google-like” manner, which can more than double the speed of investigations.

3VR SmartStorage also offers video analysis capabilities to intelligently isolate and store critical images from live footage, says the company. That feature enables users to relate captured images to specific triggers in the video or external systems, such as transactions, faces, license plate events and motion, allowing customers to store surveillance up to 15 times more efficiently than industry standard DVRs and ensuring they never lose the ability to search for critical images, it says.

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