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  • Since the launch of Google’s search engine in 1998, Internet search has grown and expanded from desktops to mobile devices, generating over 3.5 billion searches of text, images and videos per day. One likely reason for this popularity is the search engine’s ability to immediately produce relevant results based on search criteria.
  • Video surveillance has long been one of the most rapidly changing technologies on the security landscape; and as security dealers and integrators search the ISC West show floor for the latest products and technologies, it can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Parkway had a basic security solution, relying essentially on cameras and VCRs that recorded facility activity while storing video for 30 days. Original purpose: Video to count cars to ensure cars parked matched the number of tickets issued at the entry gate. Still, employees had to walk the facility each evening to manually record cars by color and license plate to determine cars left overnight and accurately charge customers who claimed to have lost their ticket.
  • Retailers are increasingly using facial recognition technology to track your face. With an estimated 59% of UK fashion retailers doing it, is the anonymity of cities an outdated idea?
  • Al Shipp, 3VR President and CEO, appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Alley on Tuesday, February 18, as a thought leader to discuss the topic of security v. privacy in light of the recent Apple/FBI news.
  • In addition to forensic search, a VMS that uses analytics to improve search results can also deliver proactive alerts that are more reliable than those from the typical VMS. One 3VR client has been using advanced search and analytics to keep forklifts out of restricted areas. Occasionally a forklift driver will cross over a boundary, which creates a safety hazard for other employees. Many VMS platforms can only alert security personnel based on a trip line or a motion incident within a given area; however, in this case, the customer found that this was creating too many false alarms, particularly as other employees and machinery were not restricted in the same manner as the forklifts. By using advanced search criteria, the customer can be alerted to the presence of a “large, moving yellow object” within the restricted area, which has dramatically cut down false alarms.
  • 3VR, the video intelligence company, today announced that its video management software, VisionPoint™ VMS, is now integrated with Quantum’s (NYSE: QTM) portfolio of data storage solutions. This integration enables customers with robust video storage needs to run 3VR’s enterprise-level VMS on the data storage tier that best fits their needs, including on-premise and cloud-based options to achieve the ideal balance of performance, capacity and cost.
  • There’s no denying that video surveillance is the technology that drives the security industry in terms of technology innovation, but it is also the one product segment that always seems to be in the greatest state of flux. In past years, the migration from analog to IP and the proliferation of higher resolution cameras were some of the biggest trends influencing the market and while they continue to be impactful, there are a variety of other market influences that have crept to the forefront.