• Parkway Corp. is an 85 year-old, family-owned commercial parking and real estate firm that develops, manages and leases approximately 90 parking facilities across the U.S.and Canada. The Philadelphia-based company has implemented completely automated parking processes at many of its facilities, and many are now utilizing solar-powered parking equipment.
  • According to Cisco's recent Visual Networking Index Report, video is now the fastest growing type of data in the world. The report estimates by 2019, nearly one million minutes of video content will cross the network every second. Of course, video generated by security and surveillance systems is included in these numbers. This represents an enormous amount of unstructured data – or Big Data – that can potentially be mined for business intelligence. However, generating any kind of actionable information from endless amounts of video content can seem overwhelming, which is why surveillance video is often overlooked when it comes to Big Data and generating business intelligence.
  • First things first. There is no doubt that video analytics got off to a rocky start in the security industry. However, from that early “over-promise/under-deliver” phase, video analytics have over the last few years evolved into a powerful and effective security tool.
  • 3VR's 2100-Series ATM NVR offers performance in a compact design ideal for ATM kiosks.
  • “Doug once told me, there were no cash registers in his office or mine,” says Keith Aubele, president and CEO of Retail Loss Prevention Group, Bentonville, Arkansas, a consulting practice he formed after a long career with high-profile retailers such as Walmart, where Carl Douglas “Doug” McMillon is president and chief executive officer of Walmart Stores, Inc. Aubele, vice chair of the ASIS International Retail Loss Prevention Council, adds that the question to always ask is what value are you adding to the business. And he sees adjustments impacting the industry, too.
  • Healthcare security and life safety is “a constant balancing act between securing the facility and offering an open and caring welcome.” That’s consultant Tom Clancy’s sage advice. And an echo of Ohio Health’s Harry Trombitas’ experienced guidance: His security operation “values an open and welcoming atmosphere that focuses on outstanding patient care. However, many of the patients and visitors are experiencing their ‘worst days’ and emotions are raw. This can lead to people acting out in a stressful situation in ways they normally would not,” as he says.
  • 3VR is committing more resources to Canada, resulting in what the company hopes will be a doubling of business here over the next year.  

  • The three-tiered Alliance Program provides security system itegrators who sell and install 3VR products as a way to differentiate themselves, as well as increase margins and drive recurring revenue.

  • The 2100-Series ATM NVR from 3VR has been designed with financial institutions in mind.
  • As industry buzzwords go, "big data" may not top the list for a majority of integrators today; but that could change very quickly.