Government Security News: ASIS 2011: Al Shipp, President and CEO, 3VR Video

October 29, 2011 | Coverage

Government Security Video

The 3VR Video Platform, says Al Shipp, takes standard video surveillance and extracts video information that is useful and actionable. In managing incoming video streams, 3VR can build metatags and put the useful information on a database that is searchable. This reduces the time to find what you are looking for down to minutes, rather than hours or days. "Anything you can search you can put an alert on," says Shipp. Traditionally, if something bad happens, you used video surveillance to figure out what it was. But now 3VR can reduce the time to find the information with metatags and search. When you search, you learn, and you can prevent bad things from happening. And with the search capability, new customers from banks to hospitals, retailers and others can use video analytics for business purposes. 3VR has also created a social networking product called Crimedex, which Shipp describes as "Facebook for bad guys", which is shared with government and businesses. It’s about leveraging analytics and making them usable and actionable, concludes Al Shipp. "We have just begun that journey. You’re going to see a lot more in the coming months."

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