Security Director News: How Hilton uses video intelligence to protect guests, improve operations

March 22, 2010 | Coverage

Security Director News

Facial recognition, license plate readers result in major time savings

HOUSTON—While guest and employee safety are the primary security concern for hotels, John Alan Moore, director of security and life safety at Hilton Americas-Houston has found that security can have some major business benefits. In the last five years, Moore said the hotel has invested more than $300,000 in upgrading its security system, including adding more than 200 cameras as well as migrating from traditional DVRs to 3VRs. The new capabilities of the system has improved security at the hotel, he said, but has largely improved its operational efficiency, as well.

“The main thing is time savings and I can’t tell you how fast the system is for locating the information that you need,” he said. “Some of our longest investigations took a full week between me and my assistants and now we can knock it out in a day or day and a half at the most."

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