Integrated Solutions for Retailers: Facial Recognition To Make Shopping Safer, Easier

May 27, 2014 | Coverage

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By Hannah Ash, contributing writer


For as long as there have been retail, there have been shoplifters. As technology advances, so do ways to stop and deter shoplifting (and profit loss). In the tech-savvy Bay Area of California, a company called 3VR has been marketing facial recognition as a way to both stop would-be thieves and to increase in-store security. In-store cameras can both recognize shoplifters - and gage a shopper’s mood by intelligently reading facial cues.

Even though 3VR primarily focused on theft-prevention and security, it has now branched into reading facial cues as a new way to provide retailers with key consumer data. 3VR cameras that are currently installed in various retail locations will now be able to identify a consumer’s average age, previous shopping history, frequent shopper status, and craft what Jeff Karnes, the senior VP of marketing at 3VR, describes as "a better experience for shoppers."

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