Most US citizens support CCTV

April 8, 2011 | Coverage

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Professional CCTV systems are enjoying public support in the US, according to the findings of a new survey commissioned by 3VR.

The research showed that 60 per cent of the US public think the use of video surveillance is acceptable for deterring crime in public areas.

Some 66 per cent agreed that CCTV should be used in banks, while 62 per cent were supportive of CCTV in car parks.

Older citizens were found to be more in favour of video surveillance than their younger counterparts.

Indeed, more than 80 per cent of over-65s said they supported CCTV as a crime deterrent. However, this figure fell to 46 per cent for those between 18 and 29.

"Americans are seeing that video surveillance makes a significant positive impact in the security of public places," said Al Shipp, chief executive of 3VR.

He added that law enforcement professionals are also seeing the benefits of CCTV on their operations.

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