Security Director News | Asis: Day one

September 21, 2009 | Coverage

Security Director News

By Whit Richardson

I also sat down with Steve Russell and Al Shipp from 3VR about some recent patents they've acquired concerning searchable video as well as their continued focus on the retail space. Since that ORC conference I attended a few weeks ago, my awareness of retail theft issues has certainly been heightened and it sounds like 3VR has a broad offering of video solutions tailored toward the needs of retailers. There was a mention of an integration of their solution with POS systems that has helped retailers identify internal theft and fraud issues. Hopefully I'll report in more detail on that one in the future.

As you might remember, Al Shipp is a former technology executive with Apple and he was quite impressed with SDN's launch of it's iPhone application that delivers the news right to your phone (how do you like that promo? I've really embraced the ASIS spirit, don't you think?). Actually, I didn't actually get to show Al the app (I'm a BlackBerry user myself), but I could tell by his reaction that he was indeed impressed with how innovative we are at SDN.

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