Security Today: Who's on Deck?

April 1, 2014 | Coverage

Security Today

Carolinas Healthcare System upgrades multi-story parking deck to achieve clarity

By Fredrik Nilsson

When nurses head home after a grueling 12-hour shift, the last thing Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) wants them to worry about is getting to their cars safely. The same holds true for patients and visitors coming in and out of the busy Morehead Medical Plaza (MMP) parking deck in Charlotte, N.C. Hospital visits are often stressful, and CHS has made it their mission to increase comfort and security from beginning to end.

While renovating the parking deck at MMP, CHS sought to create a video surveillance system that would be a model of industry best practices. They strategically deployed 150 HDTV-quality Axis cameras throughout the nine-story structure that included placing discreet cameras inside call-for-assistance stations on every floor and throughout the skybridge heading to the hospital.

The continuous, 24/7 video stream runs on a 3VR VisionPointâ„¢ VMS video management system housed in the adjacent hospital data center. Because the VMS supports sophisticated analytic software, security investigators can quickly search for forensic evidence by time of day or even by car color and license plate number.

This sophisticated surveillance technology is a huge step forward from the analog system they previously relied on...

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