Four very cool video surveillance technologies at ASIS 2012

September 11, 2012 | Coverage

Geo-referenced pixels, super simple NVR set ups, age identification, and empowered mobile phones among the hot video technologies at security tradeshow.

By Geoff Kohl

Video surveillance technology companies seem to get all the buzz in the security industry, and rightfully so. These companies are making forward jumps of leaps and bounds, and after a day combing the aisles of the 2012 ASIS International Tradeshow in Philadelphia, Penn., these are four companies that get the “thumbs up” for showing really cool technology. I’m not saying all of these video surveillance technologies aren’t bleeding edge (some clearly are), but bleeding edge or not, they get the gold stars for pushing the envelope in video surveillance R&D.


(#3) -- Swing by the 3VR booth and you will find that they are finally separating their video management software from the box (Intransa is their first certified partner for this sales model), but you’re probably going to want to ask about their “demographic analytics.” 3VR can show you this new video analytic algorithm that estimates the age and gender of a subject captured on camera. Product marketing manager Brian Lane admits that it wasn’t designed for security as much as it was designed to be used by retail marketing managers and others with similar interests in studying customer habits. Combined with their people counting technology and the 3VR ability to index faces seen on security cameras, the system seeks to tell whether you’re a 30-year-old man or a 45-year-old woman. After doing the demo, I must say that it isn’t perfect, but it’s probably close enough for marketing studies – and of course I would expect this algorithm to improve as they refine their programming. As it was, it tended to be within a few years of the subject’s actual age, and guessed ages better than I could myself.

Excerpt reprinted with permission from Copyright 2012.

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