Security Magazine: Taking the “Organized” out of ORC

January 31, 2010 | Coverage


Redner's Warehouse Markets fights ORC with 3VR

Oftentimes, criminals feel emboldened by the thought that they can outsmart security systems or simply act faster than security personnel can react. Redner’s Warehouse Market, an East Coast retail chain with 38 stores and 13 convenience outlets in Maryland and Pennsylvania, has been successful leveraging technology to stay ahead of anyone who is trying to rip them off.

The retail chain is using a searchable surveillance solution to enhance security at 13 of its grocery and convenience stores. The system is helping to reduce losses, improve crime investigation efficiency and cut down theft of all kinds. 

“Internal theft is a problem for us,” says Cory Deily, director of security and loss prevention for Redner. “Thefts are monetary losses, no matter how you look at it. But taking the time to investigate is another loss for me. This helps us to cut down on our internal theft and know that we are on top of things.”

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