Hybrid & Network Video Recorders

3VR's hybrid and network video recorders are scalable enterprise powerhouses with a proven ability to excel in any technology environment.

hybrid and network video recorders

Record, store, index and manage video with 3VR's new line of NVRs and Hybrid NVRs. Pre-loaded with VisionPointâ„¢ VMS video management software, the recorders offer seamless integration with POS, Access Control, ATM, and other systems. When combined with 3VR's award-winning analytics, the backbone of 3VR's forensic search capabilities, the all-in-one system becomes an even more powerful solution providing business intelligence and the ability to find evidence fast.

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1000-Series Hybrid NVRs

2000-Series NVRs

Easy to install, set up and use, the 1000-series Hybrid NVRs are an efficient and affordable solution capable of powering small-sized installations.
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A compact gateway to the cloud, the 2000-series offer powerful NVRs with analytic support that can fit in your hand.
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2100-Series NVR For ATM

3000-Series NVRs & Hybrid NVRs

Designed with financial institutions in mind, the 2100-Series NVR For ATM is a powerful recorder in a compact case.
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The 3000-series of hybrid network video recorders (NVRs) are a combination of performance and value in a small form factor for small to medium-sized installations.
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4000-Series NVRs & Hybrid NVRs

5000-Series NVRs & Hybrid NVRs

Designed to fit your security needs, the 4000-Series of hybrid network video recorders (NVRs) are a powerful and versatile workhorse solution for medium-sized installations.
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The 5000-series NVRs and Hybrid NVRs are unmatched when high performance and scalability are required for medium to large installations.
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3VR Smart Recorders

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