Our Strong Network of Partnerships

3VR works closely with a select group of value-driven organizations in the security industry that share our dedication to product innovation and excellent customer service.

3VR Partners

At 3VR, we pride ourselves on delivering superior, easy-to-deploy video surveillance solutions to our customers. Our partners are critical to our success, and we actively develop and nurture relationships within our network of highly qualified resellers and security system integrators, architects and engineers, and technology leaders.


Security System Integrators

Security System IntegratorsSecurity system integrators are our main channel to our customers in multiple industries. To give our treasured partnerships the attention they deserve, we created the three-tiered Alliance program to support and recognize our integrators. The program enables partners who sell and install 3VR video surveillance solutions to streamline and simplify the process of sales, deployment, integration and support. With a shared goal to address relevant security challenges facing end-users, our integrators are uniquely positioned advocates who ensure that 3VR users achieve maximum value and return from their investment. Read more


Technology Partners

Technology PartnersOur various hardware and software integrations with technology leaders enable us to develop complete customized video security solutions for our end-users. 3VR has a versatile framework for integration development that pushes us to continually enhance existing features and engineer unique applications. Together with our technology partners, we offer innovative possibilities ensuring smooth deployment and adoption of 3VR solutions that match specific security needs of the customer. We work closely with partners in areas such as Camera Support, Access Control, ATM & Teller, Point of Sale, Central Station, and more. Read more


Architects & Engineers

DAG VenturesSelecting an appropriate security solution can be a laborious undertaking for end-users. Architects, engineers and security consultants provide expert advice and stewardship to customers, helping them select systems and design infrastructures that are the best fit for their needs. 3VR’s Architects & Engineers program enables partners quick access to tools they require to design effective, customized systems for their clients. From technical documentation to resources of our complete line of video surveillance solutions, we support architects and engineers who work with clients across various types of operating environments and projects. Read more

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