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Be Our Alliance Partner

Our three-tiered Alliance Program provides a way for security system integrators who sell and install 3VR to differentiate their product and service offerings, as well as increase margins and drive recurring revenue. 3VR provides an open platform with innovative video analytics, data integration modules, and resources.

  • Best-in-class:

    Award-winning VMS, available as a standalone software or bundled with our range of NVR and HVRs, which are easy to deploy, manage and maintain
  • Low barriers to entry

    accompanied by significant upsell opportunities with security and business intelligence video analytics, as well as software maintenance
  • Untapped revenue opportunities

    with development of managed services

Find out the 5 reasons you should join forces with 3VR here


Types of Partners

Together on one platform, 3VR and its partners deliver solutions from fraud prevention for financial institutions for theft deterrence and business intelligence for retailers. We make it a priority to provide partners with all of the technical support they need, providing training to get your started and continued IT assistance in the field. Here are the 3 levels of our Alliance Program for integrators:

SSI Alliance Program Associate

Key Benefits for Associate Partners:

  • Featured on 3vr.com
  • Full access to product training and materials
  • Associate level pricing
  • Pre-sales quoting assistance

SSI Alliance Program Advantage

Key Benefits for Advantage Partners:

  • Full access to product training and materials
  • Advantage level pricing and access to 3VR special price requests
  • Volume incentive rebates
  • Eligible to receive leads from 3VR
  • Discounted demo equipment
  • Pre-sales quoting assistance
  • Assigned Regional Channel Manager

SSI Alliance Program Premier

Key Benefits for Premier Partners:

  • Discounted / enterprise training and certification
  • Best pricing from 3VR – Premier level pricing and full access to special pricing request program
  • Priority leads from 3VR
  • Dedicated Corporate Channel Management and Regional Channel Manager
  • Executive sponsorship from 3VR
  • Inclusion in the Partner Advisory Board

Compare the benefits and advantages of each level here

5 Reasons to Join Forces with 3VR

New technologies and project requirements ranging from IP video and high-resolution cameras to video analytics and IT integration are enough to overwhelm even the savviest and most technology-saturated integrator. 3VR offers the only solution in the market today that combines multi-faceted capabilities with a comprehensive platform that integrates seamlessly to your customers’ existing infrastructure. Learn the 5 ways 3VR can help you deliver the most powerful, cost-efficient video surveillance solutions and be the best in security integration.

Scalable, feature-rich platform provides a bridge to the future

Be a bridge between the past and the future, and deploy products and solutions that address current market needs but can be expanded and upgraded in the future. 3VR is the only solution in the market that offers multiple state-of-the-art applications that function within the same operating system, either as a software VMS or bundled with our NVRs or hybrid recorders, and flexibility to adapt to a wide range of existing systems. Leave the door open to recurring software and service revenue from potential migrations to IP and megapixel cameras and upsell opportunities built around video analytics, business/security system integrations and software maintenance programs.

Flexible platform and superior services simplify deployment, lower costs

Whether you select a software VMS or a VMS bundled with our range of HVRs and NVRs, the 3VR platform is easy to deploy, manage and maintain, with a low barrier to entry. Installation time can take less than one hour, resulting in more installations in one day and maximizing the efficiency of your installation teams and increasing your profit margins. Our video management system also integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure and is compatible with analog and a wide range of IP cameras, streamlining the process of deployment. 3VR also offers superior service and support, ranging from replaceable hard drives, an experienced Support team, and customized services for your unique deployment needs.  

Show your customers real ROI

Helping customers track and document bad things after they’ve happened can be one thing, but help customers stop bad things from happening and you’ll have lifelong advocates for your business. For instance, banks spend a few hundred million annually on surveillance, but lose more than $6 billion on preventable crimes such as in-person fraud. Learn how 3VR’s video intelligence platform, powered by our patented, award-winning search engine and video analytics, helps customers dramatically lower investigation times and build stronger cases for law enforcement.  

Serve multiple industries with 1 powerful, high-value video security solution

Customers from different sectors have security requirements unique to their industry. 3VR has proven success in high-value deployments in industries ranging from retail, finance, hospitality, law enforcement and more. Leverage 3VR's existing integrations with a wide network of technology partners in Point-of Sale, Access Control and Alarm, ATM & Teller and more platforms to deliver more powerful, vertical-specific video surveillance solutions for a broad spectrum of customers. Compatible with hybrid camera environments, our video surveillance solution can also be customized efficiently for multiple locations distributed nationally or worldwide, and comes with innovative search capability and video analytics such as facial recognition and people counting, empowering your customers with invaluable business intelligence.  

Alliance Program: Get exclusive pricing, upsell opportunities, dedicated support

Our integrator partners are uniquely positioned advocates who ensure that 3VR users achieve maximum value and return on their investment. To give our treasured partnerships the attention they deserve, we created the three-tiered Alliance program to support and recognize our integrators. In addition to exclusive pricing and co-marketing efforts, 3VR - through our intelligent video management platform - allows partners to develop upsell opportunities for recurring software and service revenue. We also provide support and enablement for partners in order to bring services to market more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Overview of Levels and Benefits

Service/ Category
SSI Alliance Program Associate
SSI Alliance Program Advantage
SSI Alliance Program Premier
Service and Support Associate Advantage Premier
Access 3VR Service and Support Portal Yes Yes Yes
Software updates and patches (applicable to technology and applications only) Yes Yes Yes
Phone support assistance from 3VR Partner Support line   Yes Yes
Sales & Marketing      
Featured on 3VR.com Yes Yes Yes
Discounted demo equipment Yes Yes Yes
Access to 3VR Partner Portal Yes Yes Yes
Pre-sales Quoting and Configuration Support Yes Yes Yes
Partner Newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Access to partner-specific education based on role and competency Yes Yes Yes
Access to installation and configuration guides for installation success   Yes Yes
Event kits for marketing events   Yes Yes
Sales leads from 3VR   Yes Yes
Quarter on quarter rebate program   Yes Yes
Access to leads through 3VR Partner Portal   Yes Yes
Building a Partnership      
Annual Business Plan   Yes Yes
Quarterly Business Review   Yes Yes
Assigned Channel Manager   Yes Yes
Assigned Channel Field Support Engineer   Yes Yes
Assigned Channel Field Support Engineer   Yes Yes
Eligible to receive Partner Award   Yes Yes
Assigned Channel Marketing Manager   Yes Yes
Eligible to attend Partner Advisory Boards     Yes
Executive Sponsorship     Yes

SSI PanSolutions South Africa“South Africa has been hit hard with crimes varying from ATM bombings, over the counter robberies, fraud cases and more commonly client robberies as they exit banks. Customers came to us asking for 3VR’s video search engine and powerful analytics because they provide the tools banks need to investigate and stop fraud and theft.”

Freddie Potgeiter, Managing Director
PanSolutions, South Africa

Diebold Security Integration“In today’s business environment, fraud protection is critical. Accessibility to these tools will enable our customers to more effectively identify fraud suspects and more efficiently conduct fraud investigations while reducing their physical, operational and investigation costs. And the forward-thinking technology used to deliver these solutions will help ensure they add value to our customers’ security programs now, and in the future.”

Bradley J. Stephenson, Vice President, Physical Security Group
Diebold Security

SSI Ingersoll Rand“3VR brings a lot to the table for our customers. Because they offer a full platform for intelligent video management with DVRs, cameras, mobile solutions and, most notably, advanced search and analytics, they help raise the value of the video surveillance solutions we bring to our customers.”

Gary D’Aries, Vice President
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Schlage software and controllers

Tung Po Technology Enterprise“With 3VR, we are able to bring a level of intelligent video management not seen before in China. 3VRs powerful search and analytic capabilities and open development platform allow us to implement turn-key or highly integrated solutions for our customers that go farther than any other solution to reduce threats to the and safety and security of individuals and businesses.”

Kenny Leung, General Manager
Tung Po Technology Enterprise

PSA Security Network“3VR represents a unique offering for our members and their customers. 3VR provides a true open platform that allows security professionals to search weeks of video in seconds and integrate with critical business and security systems, while lowering the overall cost of installation and maintenance.”

Bill Bozeman, President and CEO
PSA Security Network

Vector Security“3VR is a unique fit for Vector and the retail market at large. 3VR provides a complete platform of surveillance technologies that greatly increases the value we bring to our customers. We are already in pilot with several retailers. Together with 3VR, we hope to continue this progress and expand our ability to help retailers prevent fraud and address the industry’s growing need for intelligent video management.”

Michael T. Grady, Executive V.P. and Head of the National Accounts Division
Vector Security